Easing Back Into Exercise

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was full of work and overwhelmed feelings about planning my schedule for next semester (more about that Wednesday), but the good part was that I was able to fit in a lot of exercise. Dan and I went on long walks Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. It felt good to get outside and get some exercise, because I’ve been seriously slacking off in that department since I started working at the summer camp in July. My problem is that when I fall off the wagon, it’s really difficult to climb back on. I do walk every day to and/or from class (25 minutes each way), but I know that I feel better mentally and physically if I do some dedicated exercise that’s not just something I have to do anyway. I think it’s good to take the time to do something that you know is good for you. I tend to forget that taking care of myself is as important as getting my schoolwork done!

Thanks to my lack of exercise and the fact that I’ve been indulging in dessert a lot more and have just generally been lazy with my eating habits, I’ve gained a little weight. Usually even when I’m being lazy with my habits, I stay around the weight that I was at until recently, so my tight pants are a kick in the…well…pants to knock it off. I know it won’t be hard to lose the weight so long as I get back on the exercise wagon and tighten up my eating habits. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal again and am trying to figure out a strategy to start exercising regularly. I have a weird schedule this semester and I never feel like I have time to exercise and shower before class, while I’m doing homework, and at night when I get home is not an option since it will interfere with my ability to sleep. I am planning to get up early and bang out 30 minutes on the elliptical before my 8am class thee times a week, since with the Daylight Saving time change I don’t think it will feel as bad to wake up an hour early. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when my alarm goes off at 5:45am though! Actually, I that’s the wrong attitude. I’m just going to suck it up and do it, and hopefully after a couple of weeks it won’t feel painful. I’ve never been a morning exerciser, but I am a morning person, so with practice I think I can grow to love it.

On the food front, I am tracking my calories again like I mentioned before. I find that this is a surefire way for me to lose weight because it’s easy to eat too many calories if I’m not mindful, and it doesn’t take that many extra calories each day to equal pounds on the scale. I am also back to only eating dessert on the weekends because it’s all about habits–if I eat desert every night I can’t resist the cravings.

My major downfall is that I get in a good groove, but then something happens and I allow myself to get distracted. Summer camp was really exhausting and stressful, so I stopped exercising and started eating sweets because I felt stressed out. There is always something like this that happens, I need to figure out how to keep on keepin’ on even when life gets overwhelming. If for no other reason but that life feels less overwhelming when I’m exercising regularly!

My goal this week is to exercise three times during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning) and go on at least one long walk this weekend. I know I’m going to feel wicked grumpy, but hopefully it will get easier quickly! I am also determined to stick to my no sweets during the week goal. I have some really good, veggie packed dinners planned for this week, and I made a big batch of chicken salad with vegetables (recipe coming soon!) to have for lunches this week.

Now it’s your turn:
Are you a morning exerciser? Do you have any advice for making the transition easier?

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