Weekly Roundup

We made it to Friday! That is actually not very comforting to me this weekend because I have SO MUCH WORK to do for next week, but I can’t complain because I did very little work last weekend and on the two days off from Sandy. It seems fair that I have a pile of work to get through this week since last weekend was awesome–I visited a friend I hadn’t seen forever in NYC on Saturday and then chillaxed with Dan on Sunday. I plan to hole up at my kitchen table with cup after cup of tea and just get this stuff done.

Onto my weekly roundup! The theme of this week’s meals was simplicity:

Recipes I tried:
Jamaican Red Bean Soup from Savvy Vegetarian: This is a great veggie-packed crock pot meal. I love using the crock pot because it’s so nice to come home and have dinner ready without having to do anything. I couldn’t find my measuring spoons (yeah, I definitely have it together right now) so I just measured the spices my-mom-way, which is to say I poured them into my hand to eyeball the amounts. Once my skeptical 8 year old self asked if that was REALLY a teaspoon of salt in her hand, and my mom whipped out a teaspoon and damn it, it was. Anyway, I would add more spices to this soup next time, and I think I would also add cauliflower to up the veggies even more. It turned out thicker than soup, more of a stew. I served it over rice and it was very filling, and it made 6 hearty servings so I spent a few minutes throwing ingredients into a crock pot and got three meals for Dan and myself. Can’t beat that!

I also threw together burrito bowls for dinner on Halloween (and then proceeded to call them boo-rrito bowls). My camera was nowhere to be found, but I just threw brown rice, black beans, avocado, and a copious amount of salsa into a bowl, so that should be pretty easy to imagine. This was the laziest meal ever, yet it was very tasty and filling. Dan was sad the next day when he found out there were not leftovers for lunch. I think I might start making this once a week because it’s cheap, quick, healthy, and vegetarian (I eat meat but try to limit). You can’t beat that!

Usually on Fridays we get takeout, but tonight I’m cooking some of our takeout faves at home: Baked Crab Rangoon with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce and Lighter Sesame Chicken from Iowa Girl Eats along with some quick fried brown rice. I am stoked.

Alright, with that short and sweet roundup, I am off to try to bang out a paper on how “Los ojos verdes” by Bécquer exemplified Romanticism. I already have some notes on the topic, so I’m hoping I can just get it done today.

Now it’s your turn!
Do you have any exciting recipes from the week to share? How about plans for the weekend?

Have a great one everybody!

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