Exciting Plans For The Spring

Hi there! First things first: my appointment with the cardiologist on Friday was great and there is nothing wrong with me! I am glad I went for the peace of mind and glad that I am healthy!

Next, I am relieved to report that Hurricane Sandy came and went without impacting my area much. We were actually prepared this time with non-perishables and water, but as the sun set I started getting nervous that we didn’t have enough lights for reading in case of a power outage. We discovered that our two flashlights didn’t work on Sunday so we had to buy the only one left at the hardware store, and we aren’t allowed to burn candles in our apartment so we only have a couple around for decoration. Thankfully we never lost power (the worst that happened was some flickering throughout the evening) and the water supply wasn’t effected this year (last year we weren’t allowed to use the water for almost a week). I spent some time last night doing homework at the Barnes and Noble in Newburgh  which is about 30 minutes away and it seems that they are experiencing a lot of power outages down that way, as the cafe was PACKED and everyone was talking about how they lost power Monday night. I hope that anyone effected can get back to normal soon!

Besides suffering no ill effects form the storm, I actually got two days off from classes! On Monday the entire east coast was shut down and yesterday morning classes were cancelled. Finally something good comes from taking that 8am class! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I got almost no work done because I was too excited to have the extra days off! I have a paper and a test due on Friday so this will come back to bite me, but I have no plans this weekend so I can just focus on those two things during the week and then play catch up over the weekend.

Now on to the exciting news!

I am getting really close to graduating with a degree in Spanish. This semester is the most Spanish heavy yet–three and a half of my five classes are conducted entirely in Spanish (I say and a half because one of my classes is a hybrid, which counts for Latin American Studies or Spanish, and technically we’re supposed to speak English during the class [while all of my reading/writing is in Spanish] but my professor forgets that and usually just speaks Spanish) and my comprehension has gone through the roof and my reading and writing skills are getting much better also. Unfortunately, with class sizes of 20-30, I almost never have the opportunity to speak and therefor my speaking skills are lacking. This shouldn’t be a problem soon, though, because in February I’m heading off to Buenos Aries, Argentina for a semester abroad!! Wheee!

It is really important that I spend time abroad in order to do the work I want to do: translation. I need to be immersed in the language to gain the fluency necessary to be able to translate confidently. I have mixed emotions about going; of course I’m really excited about spending five months in another country, but I’m also terrified! It’s going to be hard to be away from Dan for that long and the adjustment of living in a different country is going to be rough. There’s also the financial aspect of it–while studying abroad is one of the cheapest ways to travel, it is still more expensive than attending school at home where I’m able to work on my breaks to earn some money, not to mention the cost of a plane ticket, housing, food, etc. while I’m gone on top of the cost of rent for our apartment here. At the end of the day, Dan and I talked a lot about this opportunity and decided that it is definitely a worthwhile investment in my future and will open doors once I graduate. I applied for a scholarship that would cover about half of the cost, so I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed!

There are definitely lots of aspects of this trip that I will discuss in the future, such as my feelings about going, the money part, the things I’m excited about, and more. I really felt that study abroad was kind of out of my reach because I’m not a traditional student, so I think my experience could be something that others in the same situation as me might benefit from.

Now it’s your turn:
Have you ever lived abroad? Tell me about your experience!

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