Weekly Roundup

I am trying out a new format for my weekly blogging this time around. I plan to focus on fitness/eating well topics on Mondays, school on Wednesday, and a “weekly roundup” on Fridays, where I link to things from around the web that I found that week, such as recipes I used and loved, and just talk generally about what was on my mind.

Recipes I tried this week:
Creamy Avocado Pasta from Flourishing Foodie. This was SO tasty and really fast to throw together, which is always a plus. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the whole avocado on pasta concept, but it works really well. I used whole wheat linguine, so it was really filling and satisfying. This will definitely become one of my regular meals.
Orchard Turkey Burgers from Iowa Girl Eats: Let’s be honest: 75% of my food pins are from this website. Her recipes are always awesome. This burger is really tasty, with all kinds of contrasting flavors (brie! green apples! caramelized onions!). Despite all of these components, it didn’t take too long to make. One note is that you should make sure to smoosh them down flatter than you usually do with burgers, because mine kind of puffed up (almost like little meatballs!) and took for-EVER to cook through.
Sweet Potato Tots from Your Vegan Mom: I made these to go with the turkey burgers, and they were very tasty. I followed the directions to grate the cooked sweet potato, but I think next time I will either a)grate a raw sweet potato finely and fry that or b) cook the potatoes first but then just throw all of the ingredients into the food processor, since grated cooked sweet potato turns into mashed when it’s handled. I really liked the flavor of the green onions in these!

This week I also made a heart shaped pizza for Dan on Wednesday because it was our 6 year dating anniversary (dataversery if you will). Once we got married we weren’t sure what the protocol was for the other meaningful dates, but in the end we decided to continue celebrating them on a small scale. Coming up on November 1 is our 7th anniversary of living together (yep, we were roommates before we started dating!). It’s crazy how fast time flies! So, anyway, I got the idea during class on Wednesday to make the pizza as a surprise for Dan when he got home from work because that’s his favorite food.

In a few minutes I’m heading to the cardiologist to find out what the heck is going on in there. I have felt fine all week and am becoming increasingly convinced that my fainting spell last weekend was just a fluke, but it will be good to make sure everything is okay.
After my appointment I guess I’m going to go stock up on some bottled water and stuff just in case, as we’re supposed to be hit by hurricane Sandy on Sunday or Monday. Last time a hurricane came, my preparation was pitiful so even though nothing bad happened last time, this time maybe I’ll actually try to prepare myself in the event of a disaster.

Have a good weekend!

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