Conquering Fears

The weather last weekend was beautiful, so Dan and I decided to go on a hike. Initially we  planned on tackling Slide Mountain, but we didn’t realize how far away it was until I looked up directions, so we decided instead to do Overlook Mountain again.

Overlook is a quick hike. It’s 5 miles round trip, and the entire thing took us about 2 hours, including some time spent at the top. The first 2/3 of the way up is really steep and a bit challenging (after which the climb becomes really gradual), but the hike is over so quickly that it’s a pretty easy hike overall.

Last time we hiked Overlook, I was totally defeated by the fire tower at the top. I have developed a fear of heights as I’ve gotten older, which I discovered when Dan and I got onto a ferris wheel on our honeymoon. When I was younger I loved amusement parks and going on any kind of ride that involved heights, so I’m not sure where this fear came from. I’m not afraid to be in tall buildings or on top of mountains, but I guess I don’t like to be on tall structures. This fear popped up when I tried to climb the fire tower on our last hike, and only made it part of the way up before my anxiety overwhelmed me and I had to climb back down. I was seriously pissed that this silly fear had gotten the better of me and I declared that next time I would win!
When we got to the top of the mountain, I was determined to go to the top of the fire tower. My strategy was basically just to keep my eyes on the stairs in front of me and not look down until I was at the top. I barreled up that biatch, and I made it to the top! I spent about .2 seconds taking in the 360˚ view and proclaiming that I made it (to Dan, who did not want to be on the fire tower and only came pat of the way up) before getting the heck off that thing, but it felt awesome to overcome a fear that had paralyzed me in the past. I will definitely keep the experience in mind when things feel overwhelming. I’ll remind myself that I just have to barrel through!

The rest of the weekend was spent resting my tired legs and consuming horseradish cheese. I am taking another rest day today, with the exception of walking to class, as exercising Tuesday-Saturday is really working out well for me, and my legs are still a little sore from how steep Overlook Mountain was!

Time to get ready for class!

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