What I Am Doing With My Life

Why must spring break end? Why?! I am now working my way through my pile of homework that’s due on Monday. It should be against the rules for teachers to assign homework over breaks. I’ll never understand how people go to, like, Mexico on spring break. I’ve never not had a pile of homework to do. I still get a break in that I don’t have to go to class, but it would be nice if I could truly rest my overworked brain for a week.

I am taking a much needed break from reading my Syntax textbook. In case you are unfamiliar, Syntax is the study of sentence structure. In Intro to Lingusitics, Syntax consisted of drawing some nice sentence structure trees, which look like this:

Drawing structure trees can be really tricky, especially in a sentence with ambiguous meaning (for example, “She parked the car on the hill,” which could be talking about where she parked the car or which car she parked (the one on the hill)), but it’s also kind of fun once you get in the groove. Well, apparently Syntax is NOT all fun and trees, it’s actually a bunch of really confusing theories and whatnot. The entire semester has consisted of me staring at my teacher with a “WTF are you talking about?” expression on my face. When my brain felt like it was about to melt out of my ears from trying to understand one of these theories today, I figured it was a great time to take a little break.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really talked about “what I’m doing with my life” on the blog before. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my major is Spanish, but I think most people assume that my goal is to teach. Whenever I tell someone that is my major, that is their first guess, which seems like a good one considering that 90% of my classmates in Spanish class are education majors, but that’s actually not my goal at all. My plan is to become a translator. Not to be confused with in interpreter, which is someone who orally translates, like in court or something. What I will be doing is taking a document that is in Spanish (in my dreams this document would be a piece of literature, but in reality it will likely be some sort of business or medical document) and translating it into English. I got this idea from my brother, who owns his own translating business in Austria and seems to really love it. I think that I will also like it a lot. I also like that having a Spanish degree will be useful even if I don’t wind up liking translation. I might like to teach ESL or do some sort of social work in which I am a liaison for non-English speakers. Plan A is translation, though, and that is why I am minoring in Linguistics.

Before I get back to my studies, I have to plug the movie Jeff, Who Lives At Home.
Dan and I went to Upstate Films in Woodstock last night to see it, and it was so good. It was funny and really touching, and I just thought it was great. I don’t even know how to describe the movie, so just go see it and prepare to laugh and cry.

Back to my homework! Have a great weekend!

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