Perfect Weekend

I had the greatest weekend. It was exactly what I needed after my hellish week last week. We had some errands to run and I had a pile of schoolwork to do, but we planned our time very wisely so that the ratio of fun to productivity was perfect.

On Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30am inexplicably. When I checked the time, we were like WTF? But we had decided to get all of our responsibilities out of the way on Saturday, so we got a good jumpstart on it. We headed to Kingston to try the bagels at Sunrise Bagels & Deli. Yes, I work at a bagel shop and can therefore get all the free bagels my heart desires, but I don’t really like the bagels at my bagel shop much. They aren’t bad, they’re just not quite what I look for in a bagel. Most of the customers that come in declare that they’re the “best bagels in the area” so I’m obviously in the minority. Anyway, the bagels at Sunrise were awesome! Good thing they’re 30 minutes away so I can’t eat them all the time.

After breakfast we headed to Aldi to stock up on groceries (a new grocery strategy I started last month. I’ll write a post about it soon!) and then came home, where I proceeded to do piles of homework. My Spanish teacher assigned tons of work for the weekend even though we have a midterm today. Ugh. After plowing through the work, I took a much needed nap and then started working on dinner for the night–stuffed cabbage.

Ever since eating at the Polish restaurant in New York a couple of weeks ago, I have been craving stuffed cabbage. I didn’t even know I liked cabbage and and I almost never eat red meat, but the stuffed cabbage was unbelievable. The recipe I used definitely wasn’t as good as what I ate in the restaurant. I mean, besides the fact that I am not Polish and have no idea how to cook Polish food, the recipe was missing something. I’m not sure what kind of sauce/gravy the cabbage in the restaurant was cooked in, but it was much more flavorful than this recipe. The cabbage was actually a million times better when we had the leftovers for lunch on Sunday, but I still wouldn’t use the recipe again. We enjoyed our stuffed cabbage with some Mrs. T’s pierogies and beets on the side.
 While I was working on dinner, we began working our way through a Sam Adams variety pack. It had tons of flavors we hadn’t tasted before, so we split three bottles to get a taste of them. We split the final two varieties last night. Every beer was really good, which wasn’t surprising because I always like Sam Adams. My favorite hands down was the Irish Red, which was very tasty. I also really liked the Black Lager, which was more deserty. It had a strong coffee taste. Definitely not a beer that I would have more than one of at a time because it was heavy, but I loved the flavor.

Yesterday we had a super relaxing day. We started off by watching a movie, then headed to the Walkway Over the Hudson , which was packed because it was nearly 60˚ and sunny. We have only been there once before, but we should really go more because it’s a nice walkway. It’s a mile and a quarter across, which is hard to believe–I thought it was a half a mile across–so it’s a nice 2.5 mile walk altogether. After lunch, we walked around New Paltz for awhile, stopping into some shops to browse around. We bookended the day with the movie Match Point before heading to bed.

And somehow Monday is here already. I just have to make it through this week and it’s Spring Break! I’m off to do some dishes and then study for this week’s midterms–I have one today and one Wednesday–before class.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear about your grocery strategy. I recently started shopping at ALDI and can’t believe all of the money I’m saving. It’s literally half a mile further than my usual grocery and SO much cheaper!

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