I’m Alive! I’m Alive!

Ugh, this week. This week was the start of midterms (for some reason, they’re spread over two weeks this semester) so I was absolutely swamped. I had two yesterday and I seriously almost had a nervous breakdown. I have the same professor for both classes, and while she gave us a study guide for one of the classes, for the other class she was like, “Study everything we’ve learned so far! Tee-hee!” (disclaimer: she is an awesome professor and totally did not say tee-hee, I’m just bitter). In the midst of STUDYING ALL THE THINGS,

I went into work an hour early on Tuesday for my closing shift to cover for someone and then picked up an opening shift on Wednesday because someone else was sick. Any other week, that would have been no big deal (though Wednesday is the day that I get most of my schoolwork done, so it would always be a little stressful) but on top of midterms, I feel like this week is a giant steamroller that has just run me over. I am so happy that I just have to get through work tonight and then I’m free for the weekend! Well, not exactly free because my Spanish teacher thought it would be fun to assign tons of homework on top of midterm studying, but at least I can sleep! There hasn’t been much of that going on this week.

After all my stressing, I think that my two midterms yesterday went okay. They were for Syntax and Development of Modern English. The Syntax exam was the most stressful, because that was the one with no study guide, and that class is more “learn it at home” than I’m comfortable with. She lectures each class, but to really understand what the f is going on, you have to really read the textbook. My learning style is definitely more geared towards listening to lectures than reading (which is surprising because I love to read), so I can read the chapter and still be totally lost. Overall, though, I think I did okay.  From now on, I think that I’m going to carve out more time to really read the textbook well (my eyes tend to glaze over) and do all of the practice problems, not just the ones we are assigned.
In Development of Modern English, her lectures are really thorough, so that midterm was a breeze. There were a few questions that I wasn’t 100% sure about, but I’m sure I aced most of the exam. I just have to make it through one more week and then it’s spring break!

I’ve been walking more than usual, but there has been no real exercise to speak of. D’oh. We have seen no mouse activity for almost two weeks now, so I finally feel safe enough to exercise on the floor again. I am going to force myself back into an exercise routine next week, which should be much more mellow than this week because I feel more prepared for my last two midterms. I also know that the exercise will help to keep me sane!

Have a great weekend!

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