Leap Day

Happy Leap Day! Did you watch the Leap Day themed 30 Rock last week? So funny! Kenneth is my favorite character on that show. 

This month has been weird, between being out of town three weekends and having a mouse invasion. We are finished with our trips and it’s been a few days since we’ve seen any mousey evidence, so I feel like things can finally get back to normal. Last week was the worst I’ve had in awhile because my phobia is so intense and my anxiety level was so high that I wasn’t sleeping much, exercising at all, or eating well, and I could definitely tell the difference. One thing I notice after one week of poor eating mixed with no exercise (I didn’t even walk much) is that I’m not hungry in the morning. I don’t know if there’s any validity to the claim that hunger in the morning is a sign of a well-working metabolism, but anecdotally I can vouch for it. When I’m eating well and exercising, I’m always hungry in the morning.

Monday I took a mental health day because nothing was due and after the week I had plus my lack of sleep on Saturday night, I was not up to going to class. I slept until 10 and rested all day, and it felt glorious. I noticed a definite improvement in my mood, and the girl that I always work with also said that she’s glad I’m not grumpy  like I was last week.

Now comes the task of finding the momentum to exercise again. I had just gotten to a good place where I was walking a lot every day and doing Jillian Michaels or the elliptical on top of that 3-4 days a week. I just have to jump back into it (now that I’m not afraid a mouse will scurry across my face mid sit up) and fake the motivation until it becomes real.

I’m off to do some reading for Spanish class and to fold my laundry!

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