Insomnia Strikes Again

It’s already Monday? Yikes! I had a very relaxing weekend, but it was definitely over too soon.

I didn’t post on Friday because I didn’t feel well. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and it really caught up to me on Friday. I had zero energy, a raging headache, and I just felt crummy overall. My goal of doing workout DVDs 5 days last week was not met. I went strong Monday and Tuesday, but when I switched to No More Trouble Zones on Wednesday, my knees were still really bothering me, so I stopped after 10 minutes and did 30 minutes on the elliptical instead. Thursday I decided to rest (besides my walk to and from class) because I didn’t want to mess around with getting a real injury in my knees, and then Friday I just had no energy. I’m not letting myself get discouraged, though, and I’m starting this week with the same goal!
I was very happy when my shift at work ended Friday and I could come home and lay down! As if laying down wasn’t heavenly enough, Dan found season 1 of MacGyver at the library. I loved MacGyver when I was a kid, but now it’s HILARIOUS. He of course disabled a bomb with a paperclip right off the bat (even though he actually had a bomb disabling kit with him), and then it just got better from there until he eventually stopped a sulfuric acid spill with chocolate bars.

I slept until 10 on Saturday morning, which is late for me. I did a couple of hours of homework before falling back asleep for a 2 hour nap. I couldn’t believe how tired I was! Dan and I took a long walk to shake off the grogginess so that we would be alert to go bowling with some friends, and thankfully I felt pretty rested by the time we went out. After a good night’s sleep on Saturday night, I felt back to normal yesterday.
My current insomnia is caused by a mix of a few things. I always have trouble sleeping at the beginning of my semester when I’m figuring out how to get all my work done, but I also have been slipping back into bad habits of getting sucked into pinterest or facebook right before bed instead of reading because I have trouble focusing on a book. Starting tonight, I am going to force myself to unplug before bed so that I can get back on the right track!

Time for No More Trouble Zones! I hope I’ve done enough 30 Day Shred to prepare myself for this workout 🙂

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