Hello weekend! I can see you! You are so close! This week has been rough for me. Nothing bad has happened, I’ve just been feeling a little down. Thankfully we have a trip to Saratoga planned this weekend, so that’s been getting me through! We haven’t made it up since Thanksgiving, and I didn’t get a chance to see all my friends then, so I am really excited to see all of the people that I miss so much.

February just so happens to be really crazy for us. Besides this weekend, we have to other weekends where we’re out of town. Dan and I are planning a little getaway in a couple of weeks, and then the following weekend our friend who was the officiant at our wedding but lives in Kansas will be in NYC, so we’re going down to visit him. It’s awesome to have so many things to look forward to! I’m a little worried about having enough time to do my homework, but everything will work out. It always does!

This week I’ve gotten a lot of walks in–the weather has been nice so I’ve been leaving my house early and adding extra distance into my walk to class. On Wednesday I wore just a t-shirt and a thin cardigan and was comfortable. Here’s the proof:
 Yep, that seems normal for February 1.

I haven’t done any strength training this week. Whoops. I was going to cram my two days in at the end of the week, yesterday and today, but yesterday we woke up to the surprise of no heat or hot water, so I couldn’t do 30 Day Shred because I wouldn’t be able to shower afterwards. I’m planning to do it today and then if we get home early enough on Sunday squeeze in a second round. I’m going to bump up to level 2 because I’m doing most of the moves in level 1 un-modified and it’s getting boooring. I have been kicking around the idea of trying to do it more like it’s intended to be done, all in a row. I would probably do each level for only 5 days, though, Monday-Friday and rest on the weekends. 15 day shred! I get bored really easily, so I can’t imagine having the stamina to do 10 days of each level at all, let alone 10 days in a row.

One problem with that idea is that I might be about to ditch 30DS entirely for awhile. Two nights ago I ordered Jillian Michael’s newest DVD–Extreme Shed and Shred.

I am really excited to get this in the mail next week and try it out! I’m sure I’ll love/hate it just like I do all her other workouts, and I’m a sucker for anything new!

I’m off to revise a paper and then head to work. Have a great weekend!

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One Response to TGIF

  1. Piper's Run says:

    Love to hear more about the DVD once you try it out. I’d like to try it at some point. Good luck!

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