The Health Train Is Back On It’s Tracks

How was your weekend? Mine was a little rough–I was in a bad mood and I think hormones were to blame–but I got to spend some quality time with Dan so all in all I’m happy! When I got off work on Friday, we went to a restaurant that I’ve always been skeptical of called Kennedy Fried Chicken. I was craving a burger and fries like crazy, but I really wanted takeout, so Dan suggested KFC. I was really pleasantly surprised when we went inside, because they have a pretty extensive menu. The burgers were really tasty, so we’ll definitely go back there in the future.
 After dinner, we watched Paranormal Activity 3, and holy crap is that movie scary! I was really surprised because when is the third movie in a series ever scary? I almost didn’t want to watch it because I figured it would be terrible (the second one was pretty bad in my opinion), but they did a good job with this one. If you were scared by the first one, I think you would definitely be scared by the third one.

In other news, I’m happy to report that I have really fallen into a great place food wise. I started really making changes at the beginning of January with how I was eating and it took a few weeks to transition, but I’m now back to eating really healthfully and not struggling. While I was eating healthy meals most of the time, I had been eating a lot of deserts and unhealthy snacks since November. I decided that I really need to get back to eating desert only on Friday (and Saturday if there are leftovers!), so two weeks ago I declared that I wouldn’t be eating any cookies/candy/etc. all week long. The first week was challenging, but last week was really easy. I was surprised that it was already Friday! Oranges have become my weekday desert; they are so sweet right now!

Another area that I’ve cleaned up is my eating on the weekend. I always make something delicious for breakfast on Saturdays, but then we usually eat other naughty things throughout the day too. This weekend was so much healthier–I made Caramel French Toast for breakfast (to die for!), but the rest of our meals were very healthy: quinoa veggie burgers, burrito bowls, and and a quinoa & veggie bowl:
Which contains 1/2 cup dry quinoa cooked in 3/4 cup vegetable broth,  1/2 cup cooked brown rice, 1/2 cup cooked black beans (the rice and beans were leftover from burrito bowls), 3 cups steamed kale, 1 clove of garlic and 2 small baked sweet potatoes, diced. I will definitely be making this again, upping the quantity of black beans and quinoa and omitting the rice (it tasted great, but I don’t usually have cooked rice laying around and I’d be too lazy to cook two grains!).

Now I’m off to do some homework before class. I’ve decided to start posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which I think will allow me to strike a good balance between schoolwork and blogging.

Have a great Monday!

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2 Responses to The Health Train Is Back On It’s Tracks

  1. Beth says:

    The quinoa-veg bowl looks good, but where is the picture of the caramel french toast! That sounds decadent!

    I like your idea of posting 3x a week on set days. It is hard to find time to blog daily with everything else that goes on in life. I don’t know how some bloggers do it!

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