Healthy Living Superstar!

If I had to grade myself on healthy living yesterday, I’d get an A+! I stuck to my planned meals for the day and I got lots of exercise, including when I started feeling really bored and tired because I went to campus way too early so I took a walk in the sunshine instead of scouting out the vending machines for something crunchy. I’m on track to have an equally healthy day today! I frequently struggle with eating out of stress/boredom/tiredness, so I made sure to plan healthy snacks to bring with me to class so I don’t feel tempted to get something naughty. This week I’m bringing a banana and a handful of almonds.

I’ve been on a big salad kick since December, but now my cravings have shifted to savory salads. I made this salad to bring to lunch with me yesterday and I’m eating it for lunch again today:
 Chopped Romaine, tomato, carrot, mushrooms, chickpeas, tuna, olive oil, and black pepper. Simple to throw together and so tasty and filling.

I’m off to do 30 Day Shred and then do some last minute reading for two of my classes today! I already have a lot of work to do even though it’s only the fourth day of the semester, and I always have trouble figuring out how to get my work done in the first couple of weeks until I establish a routine so I’m already feeling a little behind. Thankfully I have this weekend off so Sunday will be spent studying!

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