Forks Over Knives + The Giveaway Winner!

Yesterday was such a nice day. After doing a little picking up around my apartment, I settled in for some Netflix action. I watched a couple episodes of the second season of The Biggest Loser (watching the old seasons is so funny, especially the first one–they clearly had no money!) and then watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.
It’s a really interesting and eye opening documentary about just how much damage animal products do to your body, how much eating a whole-foods, plant based diet can do for your health, and how quickly you can see the good effects on your health. I was a vegetarian for about a year in 2007, and even dabbled in veganism for a short time. I now eat meat, but rarely, and lately I’ve been eating even less of it. I know there are people who get really fired up about whether or not people should eat meat, which I try not to get into because it always feels like trying to convince other people how to eat is like beating a dead horse, but I know that I feel my physical best when I’m eating very little, so that’s why I’ve cut back even more lately. I definitely recommend watching the documentary no matter how much or how little meat you consume. It’s streaming on Netflix!

When the movie was over, I took an hour long walk. It was cold but sunny and the walk felt great! When I got home I rested my legs a bit (there are so many hills here that walking tires my legs out!) and then popped in 3o Day Shred once again. On Wednesday level 1 didn’t feel too challenging, but yesterday I was definitely struggling more. My muscles weren’t sore going into the workout, but once I started doing the moves I could definitely feel some soreness and exhaustion. My legs were feeling it especially since I had taken a speedy walk shortly before. I powered through, though, and am really excited to finally have met my goal of incorporating strength training twice a week! Now I just need to keep it up.

After I finished my workout, I got a text from Dan asking if I wanted to go to happy hour at  The Gilded Otter, something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time. They have cheap pints and appetizers from 4-6pm during the week. Indeed I did want to go, so he swung by to pick me up when he got off work and we both enjoyed a beer and shared a plate of nachos. It’s rare that we’re both home at 5 on a weeknight, so it was really nice to go on a little date tonight!

Giveaway Winner!
 Thank you guys for all the entries on my tea giveaway! You named so many teas that I need to try. The winner is:

Carmen: Chai is my favorite.

Congratulations, Carmen! Send me your mailing address at within 14 days and I will ship those out to you!

I’m trying to rest up before work tonight. Tonight should be pretty easy, but I’m scheduled for the dreaded “clopening” shift–closing tonight and then opening tomorrow, at 5:30am no less! Thankfully I get out at noon and then have Sunday off, so I hope these two shifts blend together and go by quickly!

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