Coming To An End

Winter break is rapidly coming to an end, and I feel like it never happened! I was working so much that I didn’t even register that I was on a break. I only read one book over the entire break (unheard of! I usually fly through a stack of books over break) and I didn’t study Spanish grammar at all (this will bite me in the ass next week). To add insult to injury, my school changed the date that classes start, bumping it back one day. I was supposed to start on Tuesday but when I checked to see what my schedule would look like each week yesterday I found that they had changed the date. Good thing I checked, and can they do that?

I’m really not excited to go back to class this time, mostly because last semester sucked. I think that this semester will be a lot better though. I am in a much better head space these days since I’ve been exercising regularly again, so I feel like I’ll be able to deal with the stresses of school much better this semester. I am also only going to be working twice a week and my boss is doing her best to keep me of weekend shifts, which is nice because I don’t see much of Dan during the week. I never heard back from the place that I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago (annoying!), but my attitude about the place I work has dramatically changed anyway. A few new people have been hired, and last week nobody asked me to work on my days off, and I’ve been doing prep work instead of just helping customers all night which I like a lot and is much less boring than what I was doing. I think this job has turned out to be something I will stick with.

I’m begrudgingly off to do 30 Day Shred and then get ready to walk to work. I’m feeling unmotivated to do 30DS, but I know that I need to fight through this phase to get into the habit of doing it and then it will be easy!

The entries for my tea giveaway are still rolling in, so if you haven’t entered yet, make sure you do! I’ll accept entries through Thursday at 9pm.

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