Failure To Prepare

I mentioned on Tuesday that my success so far in my recommitment to healthy eating has been almost completely the result of preparing things ahead of time. Last night I proved how true that is when I found myself unprepared for dinner and totally overwhelmed. I had planned to make the Chickpea and Date Tagine that I found over on Beth’s Journey when I got home from work. It’s easy to make, it doesn’t take too much time or effort, but I was so exhausted and hungry that the idea of doing anything more than heating something up was just too much. I realized that I should have made it in the morning before work so that I could just reheat it when I got home, but it didn’t occur to me yesterday morning that I’d be so exhausted and famished despite the fact that I always am when I get home.

We had planned to get Chinese takeout as our naughty meal on Friday, so we decided to get it last night and make the chickpea meal for dinner on Friday. When we got our sesame chicken home we discovered that it was way over cooked–you couldn’t even tell that there was chicken in there. This happened once before at the same place, but I figured it was a fluke and didn’t complain since we had gotten it and it had been delicious other times. This time we brought it back and asked for our money back because it was too late at night for us to wait for them to make another round and hope that it was edible. Dan picked up a sandwich from the grocery store for us to share because our desperation level was so high. We’re going to have a Chinese food do-over on Friday at a different restaurant in town.

This has made me realize a couple of things–first, I need to do as much prep for dinner as possible in the morning, as my hunger and exhaustion makes it really difficult for me to imagine cooking anything. Secondly, I really need to plan my meals differently during the day so that I am not so hungry when I get home. I’ve been working more in the back doing prep, so I can stop and eat whenever I want for now, which will make it easier to bring snacks. I’m going to make these Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies  from Oh She Glows to bring with me next week, and possibly bring ingredients for smoothies since I have access to a blender at work.

Shortly after dinner last night, I dragged my grumpy butt to bed and crashed hard. I slept until 9:30 today and feel so much better now. I have a really nice day planned: I’m going to read, go on a walk, and do some cooking. Hooray for days off!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when I announce a giveaway!

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