Off To A Good Start

2012 is off to a good start in my house! One of Dan’s resolutions is to be healthier, which I’m really happy about because it’s hard to turn down naughty food all the time. I have a really healthy and tasty menu planned for this week, so it will be easy to stick to our guns. While I’m being much less strict, I referenced my meal plan from my eat clean challenge for ideas of what meals to make this week to feel awesome. I already wrote about the Cherry Almond Oats I made for breakfast, and here are the dinners I have planned:
 Monday I made this Chickpea and Date Tagine that I found over at Beth’s Journey. It was really good! I added about a teaspoon of red chili flakes to give it a kick. I’m going to make it again next week but add carrots and broccoli to bulk up the number of servings.

Monday I also made Oat & Lentil Curry to reheat for dinner when I got off work last night. I work the bitch swing shift (well, it’s actually the closing shift at the shop, but  in real life it’s a swing shift) of 12-7, and since Dan has to go to bed early to get up at 5:30 am every day for work, (and since I’m always crabby when I get home) I can’t really start cooking something elaborate when I get home. This has derailed my healthy dinner intentions since I started the job, so now I am making sure that dinner can come together in a matter of minutes with minimal prep so I’m not tempted to get takeout or eat something naughty.
Tonight I’m reheating some of the massive amount of Turkey and Rice soup that I’ve got in my freezer which I made from the turkey we ate on Christmas (recipe to come).
Tomorrow and Friday we’re having Burrito Bowls.
Saturday we’re going bowling with some friends and are going to grab some takeout afterwards and Sunday I’m making homemade pizza with a wheat crust and lots of veggies.

I’m obviously not entirely avoiding the foods that I avoided on my clean eating challenge, but I am focusing on eating very little meat, wheat, sugar, dairy and processed foods, and I expect to feel really good at the end of the week.

In other news, I have a job interview today. I hope that it goes well because I am so unhappy at my current job, and I feel really awkward about looking for a new job while I work at my current job so I’m eager to get it over with already! They are training me to do more and more and giving me a key to the shop and the alarm code this week, and it is all very uncomfortable. I’ve generally only quit jobs because I was moving, and the few times I quit because I didn’t like the job were equally uncomfortable. In reality, it’s perfectly fine to look for a new job if you aren’t happy, but for some reason it feels sneaky to me.
Ideally this will be my last week working there, but I’m not counting on it because I would have to find out by tomorrow since my boss makes the schedule for next week on Friday, and I want to finish my scheduled shifts so I don’t leave them in a bad situation.
I’m happy to say that I don’t feel nearly as unhappy as I did last week because Dan and I sat down and made a budget and found that, if necessary, I can quit this job and not start another job immediately. I momentarily considered just quitting this week and hoping to get the job I’m interviewing for, but just knowing that I am not stuck there makes it much more bearable. I will hold out until I find a new job or until something happens that is the final straw–like if my boss ever texts me to tell me she changed the schedule and I suddenly have to work that day regardless of my plans again.
Having an out makes any situation much more bearable. When someone inevitably asked me to work on my day off this week (which actually surprised me, considering I’m working 5 daus this week), I just said no without getting angry. When you’re feeling down or stuck, it’s hard to remember that you are actually in control, but we are never powerless, you just have to find a way out!
I’m off to prep for my interview! Wish me luck!

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