2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Last week I wrote about my resolutions for the new year, and I thought it would be good to see how well I did with my resolutions that I made for this year. Spoiler alert: not well!
Actually, for most of the year I did well, until around November when I really lost momentum on the things that make me feel good, so my goals from this year will need to roll over to next year!

Continue to eat healthfully
This is one that I need to do better with, and it’s part of my resolution for next year. Since November, I’ve been struggling with stress eating, too many deserts, and just eating more junk food than usual. This is really just a matter of forming new habits (well, putting old habits back into effect), and the key to this for me is meal planning and not buying junk food. I have healthy meals planned all week, so I feel like I’m on a good track for this!

Exercise 4-5 times per week
I fell off the exercise wagon hard towards the end of this year, but I am getting back on it! One epiphany that I had is that I really don’t like running but I love walking, so I should just walk and I won’t have to struggle to find motivation. I started a routine of walking to and from class every day instead of getting a ride from Dan on his way to work. During break I’m working more so I’ll walk to work. The area that I really need to work on is strength training. My goal is to do it twice a week.

I also fell off the sleep wagon hard towards the end of this year. I started reverting back into my old habits of staying up late browsing the internet so now even when I just get in bed and read I have trouble falling asleep. I am recommitting to leaving the computer out of the bed and really focusing on getting enough sleep!

Limit the interwebs
This is something else that I need to get work on. I actually started getting sucked into the internet all the time again when we moved to New Paltz in June. I’d much rather spend my free time reading; I think I feel happier when I do that. I think when my semester starts again I might limit my non-school related internet use to thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night.

Become more organized
I did pretty well with this one. I started using my calendar on my computer to stay on top of my obligations. Truth be told, I didn’t feel completely on top of my work last semester, but a big part of that was adjusting to a new school. I feel confident that next semester I will find a routine that keeps me sane. Also, though Dan hasn’t really become any more neat, I’ve been making him pick up after himself more so that our living space is more organized.

I used to hate making resolutions and refused to for many years, but I think that my list is a good one because it helps me stay mindful of things I struggle with that effect my happiness. Looking at the list keeps me honest with myself about whether I’m doing things that make me feel unhappy or unhealthy, and motivates me to knock it off!

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