I’m Losing It (Or How Celestial Seasonings Ruined My Life)

The stress of finals is getting to me, and today it really got me down. I had my Linguistics final, which was hard and which I was underprepared for. The test was cumulative, so I felt really overwhelmed about what to study, so I didn’t study enough. I didn’t bomb it, but there were some sections that I was unsure of. I only have one test left, but it’s in my most hated class so I’m dreading it. Plus I have to go straight to work after the test tomorrow with no time to stop and eat lunch, so that’s really stressing me out too.
I think my stress level is a cumulation of the past three or so weeks. I started a new job a few weeks ago which was stressful, and combined with all the work I had going on for finals I haven’t been coping very well. Where as last year I was on top of my game health wise, exercising a lot and eating really well, this year I’ve been much less diligent. I have been walking to and from class every day, which is good, and I haven’t been throwing nutrition totally out the window, but I haven’t been doing any additional exercise and I have been giving into my stress induced cravings for deserts and snack foods much more than is reasonable.
I was trying to drag myself out of the slump I was in this afternoon, so I did a search for the type of tea I’ve been looking for since last December, when I saw it over on Rosey Rebecca (aka my favorite blog), called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.


My reaction when I saw it was: OMG get me to the store right now I need that in my life immediately! Sadly, I never found it last winter, and as it’s a holiday variety, I gave up. I gave up but I did not forget.
This winter, I had high hopes since we’re in a different area. And you’d better believe I’ve been looking at the tea section every time we grocery shop. Tonight I decided, like a normal and sane person, that sugar cookie sleigh ride tea was the ONLY THING that would drag me out of my winter and finals induced depression, so I went to the Celestial Seasonings website and searched for it on the store locator. Much to my delight, I saw this:
That’s a 30 minute drive, plus ONE WHOLE DOLLAR for the toll across the Mid Hudson Bridge, but it seemed worth it to procure the one thing in the entire world that would save me from laying in a ball of misery on the couch for the rest of the night. And since they know that that Stop & Shop carries the tea, I was game.
I persuaded Dan to go to Poughkeepsie with me, and I burst through the doors of the Stop & Shop with a heart full of excitement. When we got to the tea aisle, though, there were absolutely no seasonal teas to be found. I searched the entire store for a display full of sugar cookie sleigh ride, prepared to buy between 5 and 7 boxes (and maybe one box of Sugar Plum Spice while I was at it), but there was no display to be found.
This led to a much deeper depression than was warranted since I was already so down. I just want a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea! Is that too much to ask for? So when I got home, I immediately wrote an email to the company (oh, yeah, I’m a letter writer) suggesting that they change the wording on the store locator as to not get my hopes up only to crush them and waste an hour of my life. Don’t worry, my email was not unfriendly, because I am secretly hoping they will feel bad for me and send me a box of tea and I knew that would definitely not happen if I was rude.

So that’s how Celestial Seasonings ruined my life. If I can manage to get through tomorrow, I might just survive the great tea debacle of ’11.

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5 Responses to I’m Losing It (Or How Celestial Seasonings Ruined My Life)

  1. Beth says:

    I have also been on a bi-state manhunt for Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride! I drove 40 minutes to Target (the only place that the C.S. website “promised” they’d have the tea) – no luck. Then I went to Whole Foods, a half an hour out of the way, to try to find it. I ended up buying 8 boxes of Nutcracker Sweet (I’m obsessed), 3 of Gingerbread Spice, and 2 Sugar Plum Spice. Not a huge fan of Sugar Plum, but I’m dying to try Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. I even asked my aunt in Colorado to look for it, thinking that since that’s where C.S. is, they have to stock the stores there… negative. She went to 2 Targets and 2 Safeways and no luck. Let me know if you get a complimentary box for emailing them, because I’ll definitely do it too!

    • Lindsay says:

      I will keep you updated! You can order the tea online if you get really desperate, which I will do if I don’t hear back from them.

      • Beth says:

        I know, I’m only going to do that as an absolute last resort I think. Have you tried the Nutcracker Sweet? It’s sooo good

      • Lindsay says:

        So, I heard back from the company and they’re sending me coupons. I don’t know what type of coupons, but you should write to them too! I haven’t tried the Nutcracker Sweet flavor, but I just looked it up and it looks delicious. I know what I’ll be using my coupons on!

  2. Sleepytime Bear says:

    If you can’t find the Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas locally, the Celestial Tea Shop in Boulder, Colorado stocks these teas year round and will take a phone order to ship to you. The shipping make it a bit more costly then buying local, but it saves you driving around and guarantees the result.

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