Christmas-y Salad

My weekend has been pretty awesome considering Dan is sick. He got some sort of nasty cold that has had him down for the count all weekend. We were supposed to visit his aunt and uncle this weekend, but had to cancel because he wasn’t up to it.

The weekend involved a lot of rest, which I really needed after all my finals stress (which I will be officially done with at 12:30 on Tuesday). There was a lot of laying on the couch reading, watching movies (Love Actually, which was of course two thumbs up, The Future by Miranda July which was two thumbs down, and Change Up, which was only okay), and watching How I Met Your Mother (aka my favorite show of all time). I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom yesterday which felt really good. I forced Dan to consume tons of soup, salad (more on that later), and fruit in an effort to combat this cold (an in an effort to not catch it myself!). There were also some naps. Normally I feel really frustrated when one of us is sick and we can’t go out and do anything fun, but I really needed the rest too.

This morning we got up and headed to Woodstock for brunch and to spend some time out of the house. We went to Oriole 9. We both ordered the french toast, which was topped with apples, vanilla sauce, blueberry coulis, whipped cream and syrup. It was alright, but I think that I would prefer it in the summer when it comes with seasonal berries. The apples didn’t really do it for me. Also I thought the bread was a little bit dry. I like my french toast really soaked in the egg mixture :). Dan’s review? “I didn’t like the bread, it was too dry, and the toppings weren’t very sweet so I didn’t like that, but altogether it was pretty good.” So, he didn’t like any part of it but he liked it altogether?
After brunch, we walked around a bit and did a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping before heading home to continue resting.

So, about those salads. I’ve been eating a lot of salads this week, which is strange considering it is finally getting cold outside. It’s just what I’ve been craving for some reason. I’ve been specifically craving salads with sweet elements, which is something I never really used to like but can’t get enough of now. Tonight I made a very Christmas-y looking salad that was super delicious:
In the mix:

Romaine lettuce, diced granny smith apple, pomegranate seeds, and raw cranberries, plus a quick balsamic raspberry vinaigrette:  approximately 2 tsp raspberry preserves, 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp balsamic vinegar.

I left the cranberries off Dan’s salad (he yelled “EW!” when I made him taste one) but I really like the tartness combined with the sweetness of the apples, pomegranates, and raspberry dressing. As we were eating, I exclaimed, “Hey, this is Christmas colors!!” It was very fitting since I had been wrapping gifts and listing to my Frosty the Snowman Pandora station before dinner.

Now I’m off to bed. I have to get up tomorrow to study before my Linguistics final. Wish me luck!

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