Finals Anxiety + Is Walking Enough?

Well, here I am right in the thick of finals. Two classes down, two to go. This is the first year that I’ve actually had stressful finals. In my experience at SUNY Adirondack (and I think this was really just luck), the finals were never much more work than any other tests, and frequently we didn’t even have to come on the final date. If there was a test, the teacher would just give it to us on the last class. Except for my math final last semester, which I literally cried in the middle of because I am really that bad at math (thankfully it was an online class so nobody saw my breakdown), I’ve never really had to worry. Until now.

I had to write a paper and give a presentation for my Spanish class, and luckily we finished those early so that was off my plate soon. Yesterday I took my Art History final, which involved memorizing the artist, title, and date of 40 pieces of art. To put that into perspective, we had to memorize seven pieces of art for the midterm. I studied my head off and managed to memorize the titles and artists (even all the ones in French!), but the dates, not so much. Out of the 12 pieces that were actually on the test (yeah, there were only 12 after all that studying), I only knew 5 of the dates for sure. I took a stab at the others. I’m not too worried because there was an extra credit portion that I did, and I think I did okay on the essays. And I’m done, so yay!

Oh, hi Virgin of the Rocks! I totes mcgoats knew that DaVinci painted you in 1485! Go me!

Studying for that final really burnt me out, so I decided yesterday that I would do my final paper for my Composition class and study for my Linguistics final today since I don’t have to go to class or work. Yesterday every time the anxiety of either of those two classes popped into my head, I refused to think about it. The problem is that those anxieties found me in my sleep. All night I had seriously anxious dreams. The last one I had before I decided to just get up was that I was late for my Linguistics final and I had to run up all these stairs and on the last flight the bottom half of the stairs were missing so I had to take a running leap and pull myself up. I got there and had a question about one thing and my teacher was completely unhelpful (that will be a true story), there was some Spanish on the test that we needed to know how to pronounce but the teacher had written the words all wrong. Next I was reading a book while waiting for the test to be handed out and then I realized that I had already head it for awhile, so then I panicked and started doing it, and I was running out of time. More things happened, but you get the idea. I can’t wait for these finals to be over!

In other news, I’ve been walking to and from class every day, and I really like it. It’s 25 minutes each way. I’m wondering if that’s enough cardio exercise for the week. It seems like 50 minutes, 5 times a week is plenty (especially because I walk fast and get my heart rate up), but I’m skeptical because I really enjoy it. I’m like, don’t I have to torture myself with a really boring run or half an hour on the elliptical? I just have this idea in my head that exercise needs to be work or that it can’t be 100% enjoyable for it to be doing good things for your body. The truth of the matter is that I don’t like running, and the idea of just walking instead is really appealing to me. I’m going to do some internet research to make sure that walking is sufficient to keep me healthy.

Okay, I’m off to do my stupid paper for Composition. Wish me luck!

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