End Of Semester (Slash Middle Of College?) Slump

I may be grumpy, but I blame the professor, not the book--this is actually a great anthology!

Blarg! I am so unmotivated! My last day of classes is a week from tomorrow (!!!) and then I have finals over the following two weeks, so of course I have tons of work that I should be doing. Trouble is, I just can’t seem to get motivated to do it.

I think that part of the problem is that I am a little burnt out on college in general. Obviously I’m not going to drop out or anything, but this is my 6th semester and I’ve still got two years ahead of me. Up until now, I really didn’t know what the hell was going on as far as what to do in order to graduate because I wasn’t in a major program, and my old school (while it was a great one) didn’t have much in the way of advising. It turns out you need to take 15 credits/semester to graduate in 4 years, I’ve only been taking 12. It’s not a huge deal, it just puts me behind a year (though I could theoretically make up that year by taking more classes and taking summer courses). So, anyway, school isn’t new and fun anymore, and I still have two years to go, so I’m feeling grumpy.

I am optimistic that next semester will be better, because I will FINALLY be finished taking general education courses (which, in my opinion, are a money making sham) and only taking courses related to my major and minor. Finally. The one class that really has me frustrated is my Freshman Comp class that wasn’t required at my last school so I had to take this semester. I have taken a writing intensive course every single semester and really enjoyed it, but this class blows. The professor is awful. I have three papers left to write (with just over a week left in the semester–there’s your problem!), and then I’m done, so I’m trying to motor through.

Another thing that may be contributing to my poor attitude about school is seasonal depression. I am definitely feeling blue lately, so I’m sure that is playing a part. I’m really glad I recommitted this week to healthy living because I am already starting to feel a tiny bit better overall, and I know that as I continue to eat well and exercise, I will feel much happier.

One new habit I’m forming that is making me really happy is that I’m getting up almost two hours before I have to leave for class to give myself some me-time in the morning. For most of the semester, I’ve been hitching a ride with Dan in the morning on his way to work to give myself a couple of hours to do homework, but that really sucked, so I’m taking the time for myself and then walking the 25 minutes to class. The quiet time plus the walk are really nice.

p.s. obligatory “holy crap it’s December!” thought.


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