Minnewaska State Park

I’ve been really good about resting my foot as much as possible for the past couple of weeks. I still need to walk to and from class, but other than that I’ve forced myself to refrain from exercise (not that I had much of a choice when walking was nearly impossible at times!). Early last week my foot started feeling normal again, so I was really excited to get out and do something active over the weekend. Since the weather was perfect, we headed to Minnewaska State Park to do a hike.

We generally hike the Lake Minnewaska Loop trail because it’s a quick 3 mile hike, and it’s a loop so we don’t have to think about how to get back at all. Saturday we had all day, so we decided to plan a longer hike and explore new territory. We headed off to Lake Awosting (I had no idea that there was more than one lake in the park!) via the Upper Awosting Carriageway. I’m so glad we went a different way, because the hike was so different than the one we usually do. It was a little boring at first, but we gradually gained elevation and got into denser woods, and it became really interesting.

Once we hit the lake, the hike got really scenic. The lake was really blue, and there was not a cloud in the sky. What a perfect day!
It was pretty windy, so we didn’t hang out on the cliffs overlooking the lake too much. From the lake, we followed the Castle Point Carriageway back towards our car. This portion of the hike was amazing, as we were walking along cliffs for most of it with the most spectacular views
This picture doesn’t even do it justice. I will definitely follow that trail again in the future. Next Fall I have to remember to get out there before the leaves fall off the trees!

We tackled 7 miles in 3 hours, and were both tired and so happy to see the car when we finished up. I was sore yesterday and I’m still a little sore today; even though the hike wasn’t steep or strenuous, I guess I got some good exercise! So nice after being incapacitated for a couple of weeks!

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