Injuries and Illnesses

I’ve been having some bum luck lately. As I mentioned before, I have been plagued by mysterious foot pain for about two weeks now. It started suddenly and without apparent cause, so I went ahead and ignored it. I’m really stubborn when I am sick or injured (just ask Dan!), and I went on two hikes and countless walks even though I had to limp around on my toes. This is obviously stupid and not something I would advise. As a disclaimer, it looks totally fine, it’s not swollen or anything, it’s not sensitive to touch (only to the pressure of putting my weight on it sometimes) and the pain is totally bearable at times so I’m certain nothing is broken, which is why I’m not going to the health center.

Since my family left, I have been resting my foot as much as possible. I have to walk to and from classes since Dan is finally getting sub jobs every day (it’s been a stressful few months as the phone remained silent every morning, something we didn’t anticipate when we moved here), but other than that I’ve been refraining from using my dumb foot.
Yesterday I was trapped inside doing homework, so I stayed off my foot all day. I also happened to come down with a mystery illness (nausea and a headache, but I refuse to believe I’m sick), so that was making me rest further. Today I went to campus early to get some work done before class, so Dan drove me there, and on my walk home I felt absolutely no pain for the first time in weeks! I’m going to take it easy for the next few days (plus I still feel really nauseous and achy [allergies, definitely allergies]) to make sure it’s better, and after that I cannot wait to start running again.

I am a little anxious that this injury coincided with a burst of motivation, because the desire to run comes and goes, but usually if I get in the habit of running (and exercising in general) it’s really easy to keep doing it. I hope that when my foot (and tummy) is finally better, I can still find the excitement to tackle my next day on the C25k plan!

My inability to exercise isn’t doing me any favors right now, especially since daylight savings has ended and it gets dark so early now! It is so important for me to get the endorphins this time of year because I know that if I don’t I will become depressed. Exercise is seriously better than any medication I’ve ever taken to treat anxiety and depression! It feels extra important this year because our transition to New Paltz hasn’t been the easiest, and life has been more stressful than usual for the past 5 months. That’s another post, though!


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