And Then It Was Winter

Seriously, what happened to Fall? When my mom reported that it was going to snow on Thursday night I laughed at her because the week before I had found myself overdressed in a flannel shirt. I thought there was no way it could be 65+ degrees one week and snow the next, but I guess I was wrong. As I gimped to school this morning in the 25˚ cold, I realized that Fall is gone and it’s NOT COMING BACK.

I was gimping to school because I have a mysterious foot injury. I ran last Friday and Saturday, and I never landed wrong or anything, but Saturday afternoon I noticed that my foot was really bothering me. I figured it was just from running two days in a row, and since I hadn’t twisted it or anything proceeded to ignore it. I went on a hike on Sunday and another one on Tuesday when my siblings came to visit even though it was pretty painful at that point and I was limping (I realize that I am too stubborn for my own good). Long story short, my foot is really bothering me and I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s on the side, and hurts only when I put pressure on it. I can wiggle my toes, and it feels good to rub the sore area, so I don’t think anything is broken. Towards the end of the week I was able to stay off it more, and it is starting to feel better, so I plan to take it easy this week and only walk when I need to (to get myself to and from class) but otherwise rest. Hopefully by the end of the week it won’t hurt anymore and I can start running again.

Despite my hurting foot, I had an awesome (albeit way too short) visit with my family last week! It is really hard to live so far away from my parents and siblings. I spent a ton of quality time with my mom, sister, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, as well as my extended family who lives out here. My cousin got married on Saturday (which is why everyone was here) and it was such a beautiful wedding. The food was amazing, and my aunt had instructed us to eat a ton since she had paid by the head, so I listened. There was a delicious salad, squash and pear soup, and then the artisan pizzas started coming out. I had more slices than I can count. I didn’t save room for cake (I gave most of my slice to Dan), but I made up for it the rest of the weekend as there was tons of it leftover at my aunt’s house and she placed it strategically on the table to encourage people to eat it so she wouldn’t have to. I spent the whole reception goofing around with my siblings, and it was really fun.
                                             Here we are, pretending to be normal

Today I’m working on getting back into the normal routine. I have a ton of homework to catch up on since I didn’t do any last week, but my head is not in it yet. I’d much rather be sitting around my aunt’s kitchen table with my family playing games and eating than sitting through Linguistics class or writing papers for my English class. I suspect it will take me a few days to get used to being back in my normal life and to not begrudge my professors for expecting me to do work. It’s also going to take some effort to eat something other than wedding cake or pizza.

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