Overlook Mountain

Yesterday Dan and I got up early, had some pumpkin waffles (using this recipe–I thought they tasted better as pancakes than waffles, but I might just be crazy), and headed to Woodstock to hike Overlook Mountain.

It was not a long hike, only 5 miles round trip. The reviews of the hike warned that it wasn’t easy, as the first 2 miles are pretty steep, and they were definitely steep. We stopped a few times on the way up to rest our legs and drink water. Still, we were moving pretty fast. There is a shell of an old hotel 2 miles up, and we got to it pretty quickly. It was really cool and spooky. We spent a little time exploring:

How awesome is that? We didn’t go too far into it, as we were paranoid about rattle snakes (although it was probably too cold for them to be out).
The next .5 miles to the top was much easier going as the trail flattened out considerably. We couldn’t believe how quickly we got there. The info online said that the hike was 3 hours round trip, but we made it to the top in about an hour including our exploration of Hotel Spooky. There is a terrifying rickety old fire tower at the top:
We climbed most of the way up, but it turns out I’m really afraid of heights. This is a new phobia that has come with adulthood. The higher we climbed, the more anxious I got. We were two or three flights of stairs from the top when I just couldn’t go up any more. Thankfully, the view from where we were was absolutely breathtaking.
I scurried down the tower as quickly as I could, cursing the tower once I reached the bottom for getting the better of me. Next time you’re mine, fire tower!!

After hydrating we headed to the other side of the summit to check out the overlook. This was equally awesome.

 The cliffs were covered with carvings, dating back to the 1890’s. It was amazing!

The trip down the mountain was uneventful. My ankle was bothering me for some reason (still is–I’m on a running hiatus until it calms down. So frustrating because now I’m all motivated!) so I got a little crabby, but this was really the easiest hike we’ve done yet.

I love hiking so much. It feels so awesome to get to the top! I can’t wait to find more awesome hikes in the Catskills.

Time to finish cleaning the apartment–tomorrow my siblings are coming to visit! Then I have one stupid test to take in Art History on Wednesday (there is no chance I’m going to do well–I’ve been way too excited about seeing my family to study) and I’m headed up to Saratoga to soak up every moment I can with my family. Living far away from them is really hard, and I’m already a bit anxious about how short this visit is, that I can’t be there right now, and that I don’t know when I’ll see them again. I wish we all lived in the same town!

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