Back In The Game

I have been noticeably absent from blog world lately, and that’s largely because I have been putting my health and fitness on the back burner this summer. There was so much going on, something had to give, and that something was my dedication to exercise and my attention to nutrition.

That’s not to say that I was stuffing my face with KFC or anything, I was still eating well overall, but I was definitely sneaking in a few too many deserts and treats and there were days where I had very minimal fresh fruits and veggies, which is unusual for me.

Now that I’m settled back in New Paltz and I can finally get back into a routine after living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks, I am really excited to put a lot of energy towards being as healthy as I can be. First I’m working on rebuilding good habits, then my goal is to lose around 10lbs while building lean muscle through strength training.

Yesterday morning it was only 60˚, so I headed out on my first run in months. It was rough, but good. I only went about a mile and a half or so because I really want to ease into it, and I didn’t plan very well so I got a big discouraged as I didn’t know where the one mile mark was. Let me tell you, it’s quiet a luxury to have sidewalks to run on! I ran a stretch of my run on the rail trail, which was so nice. When I got home, I popped in 30 Day Shred, starting over at level one. It was not easy! I’ve definitely lost strength over the summer from not working out, but I know that before long, I’ll be conquering 30DS level 3 and tearing it up on the rail trail.

Today I had the intention of doing 30DS again, but that was a bit overly optimistic. My 20 minute walk to class was tough because I am so sore! Then I had to walk all over campus because the tropical storm caused some serious damage and things have been rearranged. I also took a walk on the break in between classes because my second class started late today and I had plenty of time. All in all, I clocked about 90 minutes of walking (limping?) today, and that is plenty for this girl. I have never been so happy to get home and flop down on the couch.

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