More Like Hurri-CAN’T!

For the past several days, I have been skeptical about the hubub surrounding this so called hurricane that was headed right for us–we’re inland for crying out loud!–but got a little nervous yesterday because of some of the forecasts I read. I only haphazardly prepared for the storm because of my skepticism, picking up some water but not much else (unless you count seasons 1 & 2 of Will and Grace on DVD as hurricane provisions) as Dan was supposed to be in Saratoga and I knew the amount of non-perishible food in our cabinets and our alarmingly large supply of D batteries that I found while moving would hold me over for a day or two.

When Dan’s work for today was cancelled last night, he decided to drive back down to New Paltz to hunker down with me, which I was extremely excited about. When he got here and I really looked at our food supplies, I started to get a bit nervous. It seemed highly likely that we would lose power, and there wasn’t that much to eat here that didn’t need to be cooked. Thankfully, I’m a problem solver, so this morning I got up early, baked a sweet potato, made tons of pancakes (and then we immediately at most of them) and popped a giant stock pot full of popcorn.

I mean, this was a seriously ridiculous amount of popcorn. And a seriously pathetic excuse for preparing for a natural disaster. I’m a grown up! 
 After my extensive preparations, I proceeded to go stir crazy. I laid on the couch all day, alternately watching Will & Grace and checking Facebook. It was SO. BORING. At one point I made Dan take my picture in the hurricane:
In the end, we never lost power, and there wasn’t any damage to speak of in our neighborhood. We took a walk when the rain stopped, and there wasn’t much damage overall besides some flooding, one tree down, and one window broken out of a shop that we saw. Apparently there was pretty extensive flooding on campus, which has granted me an extended weekend! Wahoo!!

The wind has really picked up, so fingers crossed that we don’t have a belated power outage!!

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