About Those Austria Posts…

Remember when I said some posts about my trip would be up soon? Yeah…that was clearly a lie. Life has been really crazy since before the trip, and especially after. Let’s look at a timeline, shall we?

June 27–move from Saratoga to New Paltz
July 16–head to Austria
July 31, 12am–return from Austria
August 1–head back to Saratoga
August 2–first day back at work
August 9–my first day off
August 10–back to work
August 13–move from Dan’s family’s house to my family’s house for the remainder of our stay up here

So, you see, it’s been a pretty wild ride. I’m also trying to cram in as much time with friends as possible before I head back down to New Paltz a week from Tuesday, so I don’t expect much time to blog between now and then.
I’m hoping to pick blogging back up regularly after I settle into my semester because I really need to get back into a more focused health and fitness routine and blogging is definitely a motivation for that. When we were in Austria, we ate pretty freely, especially the second week, but we walked so much that I actually lost 3lbs (when does that ever happen?!). I didn’t feel my best, though, because I wasn’t eating much fresh food. I was really looking forward to getting home and eating really well, but somehow that hasn’t really been happening. There have been a lot of deserts going on over here. I feel confident that when I get home and into a routine, it will be much easier to go back to my normal, healthy ways!

I hope your summer is going well, and is perhaps a bit more relaxing then mine!


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