One Year Part III

In case you missed it, here are parts I and II.

I love this shot from right after the wedding–we were ecstatic that the ceremony had been a success!

We had our reception at Lakeside Farms Cider Mill, which is near my in-laws’ house. They have a pavillion that you can rent out which had tables, chairs, bathrooms, and a kitchen area. Definitely made our lives easier.
The reception was where all of my hard work shined. All of the decorations were pretty simple, but felt special because I had designed them myself.

When I say I made basically everything, I mean it. I even made the cake!

I am by no means a baker, but the cake was delicious. What I did not plan for was the aforementioned heat wave! We did not have AC, and I was in my kitchen with the oven on in the heat that never went away. It was also impossible to decorate at all becuase the frosting kept melting. The cake looked nothing like what I imagined it would look like, but I feel like my mom, sister and I really came through with the idea of wrapping ribbon around the base (I can’t remember whose idea that was!).

The reception was fun! We had food from The Ripe Tomato, which was delicious. There was dining, dancing, and mingling.

The most unexpected part? I felt like I hardly saw Dan at all! We both wanted to spend time with our friends and family who had come out for us, so we spent most of the night entertaining guests separately.

When we got to the hotel after the reception ended, I discovered that my overnight bag was drenched with coffee from an airpot I borrowed from work to fuel our decorating that morning. I literally only had a wedding dress and wedding dress undergarments to wear! Gaah! I hung my clothes for the next day up, but I was definitely damp and reeking of coffee the next morning. Thankfully I recognized how funny it was and we laughed about it!

Today we’re celebrating our anniversary with a picnic and then by heading to Thai Spice in Poughkeepsie tonight for dinner. We spent part of our honeymoon in New Paltz and the best dinner we had during our entire honeymoon was at this restaurant, so we’re excited to relive that experience.

The first year of marriage wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely fun. People say that the first year is the hardest, but I feel like every year we’re together gets a little better, last year included. I think we’re growing stronger as a couple all the time as we grow up (says the 26 year old) and learn how this relationship thing works.


Here’s to many more years to come!!


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