One Year Part II

One year ago today, I was marrying this guy

and it was awesome.

In case you missed it, here’s part one of the story of Lindsay & Dan.

I didn’t love planning the wedding because I’m just not girly enough to really get into it. I had never thought about weddings before getting engaged, so I had no idea where to start. Also, it was really overwhelming. Truth be told, Dan helped with approximately 2% of the wedding preparations. In retrospect, I would say he owes me big time.

Especially because–not to toot my own horn or anything–the wedding was pretty amazing. Almost everything was DIY (DIM? do it myself!), and when it all came together the morning of the wedding, I was pretty ecstatic about how it all looked.

We wanted to go as simple and cheap as possible (student + substitute teacher = no money), so I was happy to go the DIY route. We had the wedding in Dan’s parents’ backyard, which is absolutely beautiful. My mother-in-law definitely has a green thumb, and the yard is full of flowers. She worked endlessly all spring and summer to make the yard as perfect as possible, and it was awesome.

This made our lives really easy because we didn’t have to decorate the yard at all–it was naturally beautiful! I was terrified it would rain, but thankfully it was a sunny day.

The one weather snafu we had was a ridiculous heat wave. For over a week leading up the wedding, it was unbearably hot and humid. The day of the wedding, the heat finally broke, but it was still seriously sweltering. I was really glad I had decided to make program fans!

We had photos taken by a friend of Dan’s family, and she was amazing. She did such a great job and took so many pictures! I have yet to put the wedding album together because it’s kind of overwhelming. Oops!

My sister Michelle, the maid of honor, is directly behind me, followed by my friends Tara and Megan as bridesmaids

Obviously, the colors for the wedding were black and white with yellow accents. I liked the simplicity of black and white. I told my bridesmaids to choose whatever black dress they felt awesome in, and they all looked gorgeous! My sister and I made the bouquets and boutineers and kept them simple.

Behind Dan is my brother Eric, our friend Jim (who was our officiant), Dan's brother Eric as the best man, and our friend Matt

 The men were skeptical when I said I would provide them with yellow ties, but once they had them on they seemed happy, and I definitely was! They looked awesome!

Instead of flower girls we had bubble boys! I’m really close to my nephews and wanted to include them in the ceremony. The yellow mohawks were their idea!

The ceremony was short and simple. Our friend Jim got ordained on the internet (that’s real!) and preformed the ceremony that he, Dan and I wrote. We wrote our own vows–I could barely squeak mine out because I was crying!!
And with that, we were off to the reception!


Tune in later today for the final part of my wedding recap!

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