Rail Trail

I haven’t done as much unpacking as I had planned today because I found myself lacking motivation. I unpacked the books (Dan decided that it wasn’t his favorite thing in the world) and a couple of random boxes, but that was all. My goal is to be as unpacked as possible by Friday night. One problem is that this apartment is a one bedroom and our last apartment was a two bedroom. We were using the second bedroom as an office, and I can’t really figure out what to do with all of the office stuff. I think we’re going to have to get a tall shelf in the bedroom and keep the stuff  on there. We’ll see!

Dan and I both kind of antsy when we got up this morning, so we decided to take a quick walk on the rail trail. The rail trail is a beautiful trail that runs through New Paltz and beyond (apparently to Gardiner, but I don’t know where that is). After Dan went to work this afternoon, I was feeling antsy again so I decided to walk downtown to see how long it takes to get there from the apartment and then loop back home on the rail trail again.

It is such a nice place to walk! Dan and I usually find time to walk it when we’re visiting, so now it is pretty awesome to live near it. I can’t wait to run on it in the Fall!

My walk lasted about 45 minutes, and it really did make me feel better. Moving to a new apartment is always tough for me at first because I don’t feel at home, therefore I don’t feel totally relaxed. Soon enough this will pass and I’ll be used to the new place!

It’s dinner time! I was going to have soup and salad, but instead I’m going to have soup and leftover roasted veggies (sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, green pepper, garlic) that I made for lunch today. So delicious!

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