Moved In!

After what felt like the longest stretch of packing and cleaning ever, we finally arrived at our new apartment yesterday! Hooray! This was my 9th move (all since I got the hell out of my parent’s house at 18), and I have to say I really learned two big lessons this time: rent a moving truck and let people help you!

Whenever we move, we borrow Dan’s mom’s mini-van and make 10,000,000 trips back and forth. No matter how much we prepare, it just goes on endlessly. Hauling everything in one trip was so amazing. It didn’t take long to load the truck (I think it was less than an hour), especially because we had a couple of friends helping. I don’t usually take people up on their offer to help me move because I don’t really like to ask people for help and I get suuuuper grumpy while moving and don’t want to subject my friends to that. Well, it turns out when you’re loading a truck once (rather than ten million times in a van) and it’s going extremely fast and smoothly, there’s no reason to get grumpy! It was so awesome.

When we arrived in New Paltz, we were on our own with the unloading, but that went really fast somehow, too. It also took less than an hour even though there was only two of us. Despite the fact that this was an out of town move, it was the easiest we’ve ever had to date!

I’ve been unpacking and arranging all day. The apartment is actually much bigger than I remember it being when we looked at it initially, which never happens. I somehow managed to unpack the entire kitchen and it looks awesome!
 Unfortunately, there is almost no cabinet space and even less counter space, but I’ll make it work!
The living room is almost completely done, I just have to get a couple of random boxes out of here and Dan has to set up the bookshelf (his favorite thing in the world to do).  I also got a good portion of the bedroom set up tonight. I can’t be stopped! When he gets home from work, Dan’s going to flip out at how much I’ve done. When he left, it looked like an episode of Hoaders in here!

My stress level has been decreasing as the apartment comes together, although it’s not gone completely. I can’t get ahold of my doctor’s office to re-fax my health forms to my school, and they’re now late. Hopefully I will get it sorted out soon and I won’t get in trouble! At least I’m feeling a little better, though. This move made me crazy. Over the past two weeks I saw my appetite decrease more and more each day because of the stress, which is really weird for me. Generally stress makes me want to eat everything naughty I can get my hands on, but this time around I struggled to eat anything because my stomach was in knots! Today was the first day that I had three solid meals and a snack (and some cookies and milk!!) and didn’t feel sick at all. Hooray! I have super healthy meals planned for the rest of the week to try and make up for the lack of nutrition I’ve been subjecting my poor body to.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the bathroom and finishing up the bedroom (although that may be a bit too optimistic!), and then taking a walk on the rail trail and spending some time reading downtown. It’s going to be amazing!

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