I’ve decided to take a short break from the blog until life settles down a bit. Between packing, cleaning, working, and dealing with all kinds of snafus with New Paltz, my stress level is through the roof. One stressful thing at once is about all I can handle, so all of these things hitting me right now are really overwhelming me. I don’t feel like I can devote the time to coming up with interesting/relevant topics, and I don’t want the blog to turn into my stress outlet.

We’re moving two weeks from today, and when that is over with a huge source of my stress will also be gone. Also I hope to have all of the dumb stuff with school sorted out (health forms, financial aid, and whatever else will inevitably come up) by then so that I can relax, focus on unpacking, and gear up for our trip to Vienna in July!

In the meantime, how do you deal with stress? Any advice to prevent my head from exploding would be appreciated.

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