New Apartment!

Directly after work on Wednesday, Dan and I headed down to New Paltz. We had four apartments to check out on Wednesday night, and since I went to work at 5am, it was a really long day. Thankfully, the trip was fruitful!

The first apartment we looked at was really nice (it was big, had a dishwasher, and the most incredible views out the huge picture window in the living room) and very reasonably priced, but it was really far out of town. We only have one car, so it would have been really hard to make that work with our different schedules. We had some time before heading to the second place, so we decided to drive by another place we were looking at later to get a feel for it. It was described in the ad as a “bungalow” but was actually a shack of some sort, and it was really terrifying. We decided to cancel that appointment STAT. The next place we checked out was not for us; it had a big living room but the rest of the apartment was teeny tiny. I’m not sure we could have even fit our full sized bed into the bedroom! It was also outside of town.

The last place we looked at was the place we wanted, as it was the only apartment in town in our price range. It’s located in an older lady’s house in a really nice residential area, so we wouldn’t have to worry about noise. The apartment was not as nice as the first place we saw (it was a little smaller), but we liked it. Apparently we were one of four people interested, so we had to play hardball and offer to start paying rent mid-June instead of July 1 to get ahead of the game. It worked, and we got it! Hooray! The only problem is that she wanted first, last, and security (basically every place in New Paltz was asking for that) and it’s just so much money. We worked out a deal with her so that we payed for June and a security deposit when we signed the lease, and then we’ll pay last month’s rent when we pay August’s rent. I am not looking forward to handing over that much money because I think it’s stupid, but I guess it will be nice the last month we live there to not have to pay rent. Plus, it was worth it to be so close to town–I can easily walk to class every day, and there is a bus nearby for crappy weather days. I’m really worried that my elliptical won’t fit in there because of the way the apartment is set up, so I’ll have to figure something out!

I have some reservations about the landlord, because although she seems really nice, she is extremely neurotic. She was stressing how she really didn’t want partiers in the apartment because she can’t stand the noise (which is exactly how we feel), and she asked if we are big drinkers. Neither of us drinks much aside from the occasional birthday party or something, so we told her no. She said, “Well that’s good. I don’t want to say ‘No drinking,’ but…” and I was like, okay lady, you the landlord, not the parent, so you really can’t say that. I just laughed nervously. She also didn’t have a lease ready even though we told her we were coming at 3pm to sign it, and we had to help her write the lease on her computer. She made sure to write “No drugs,” as if that wasn’t just a law. She also kept offering us things and then taking it back, like that we could use the washer and dryer in her house, oh actually that makes her really uneasy because the machine is old and the extra stress on it might kill it.

Thankfully, like I said, she seems really nice under all of the layers of anxiety, so I’m pretty sure if there was ever a problem with her, we could talk to her and resolve it. I’m really excited because she is fluent in Spanish and has a guy renting out a room in her house who is from a Spanish speaking country, so I hope to get lots of practice out of the deal!

We will be moving on the 27th, which is really soon. Eeek! Good thing I’ve been packing for about a month at this point–I’ve packed a TON of stuff already, so we’re ahead of the game. I plan on packing some more today as well as getting started pricing things for our upcoming yard sale, but it’s already 1pm somehow and I haven’t really moved from the couch all day. I’d better get going!!

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