New Year’s Resolution Check In

It’s the sixth month of the year (already!), so I though it would be a good time to check back in to the goals I set for this year in January and give myself some grades. You can read the original New Year’s resolution post here on my old blogspot blog. After some thought, I identified the main areas of my life that need to be in order in order for me to feel my best overall and made goals for improving these areas. Let’s see how I’m doing, shall we?

Continue to Eat Healthfully: A-
I feel good about this one. While there’s always room for improvement, I feel like my diet is really solid. I get tons healthy foods and not too many bad foods (most days–today was kind of a nutritional disaster. Sorry body!). I definitely want to strive to tighten it up even more as I felt really great when I was doing my eat clean challenge. While the rules I made up for the challenge were too restrictive for me to sustain long term, I want find a healthy balance and keep my diet as close to that style of eating as possible each week.

Exercise 4-5 Times/Week: A
Until my semester ended, I was kicking butt on this goal. Exercise really got me through the winter as a much happier person than usual, and I clung to it. Now that I’m working four days a week temporarily (I’ll obviously be finished with the coffee shop when I move at the end of this month), the only exercise I’m doing is walking because I find being on my feet and moving around all day to be really exhausting. I hope that I will get used to it, like, this week and have more energy (I think I feel so tired because I’m used to sitting at my computer/in a classroom all day), and if so, I will pick back up with the elliptical and possibly running. If not, I will consider work a sufficient calorie expenditure and start exercising again when I get to New Paltz. Long story short: I am satisfied with my work on this goal 😀

Sleep: C
This is the main category that has been on my mind lately. I was doing so, so well with cleaning up my sleep hygiene, and I was getting awesome sleep every night. Then I made the mistake of having a giant glass of iced coffee one night at 6pm and couldn’t sleep that night, which snowballed into over a month of insomnia. I am getting back on track now because I go to work at 6am so I don’t really have the option of staying up until all hours researching things like asparagus online*. I have a post about insomnia coming one of these days, and I will go more in depth about the subject there. Suffice to say that this is the area I need the most work on.

Limit the Interwebs: C
When I can’t sleep, I do important internet research mindlessly browse the internet (which inhibits sleep. It’s a vicious cycle). As my insomnia cropped back up, so did my dumb internet usage. Along with getting my sleep back to a good situation, I’m decreasing the time spent on the internet, but it’s an ongoing process. Needs more work!

Be More Organized: B
I feel like I was more on top of things last semester and less distracted when I was doing my work. As I’m sorting and packing the apartment right now, I’m doing a good job keeping most of the apartment looking nice and livable. There are times when I don’t put my laundry away for many days after it’s washed, though, and it’s an ongoing struggle to get my husband Messy Messerson to f-bombing pick up after himself.

So overall, not so bad. Hopefully I can keep plugging along and get all of these areas of my life even better in the next six months to finish out the year strong!

*This is no joke–I spend a lot of time researching mundane things. I don’t know why.


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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolution Check In

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sleep is a tough one for me too!! But at least you have another 6 months to work on it!!

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