Search, Sort, Pack, Clean, Work

And repeat. That sums up life right now. We will be moving in less than a month, so life feels pretty hectic. Especially because we don’t have a new home yet. Eep! Apartments are scarce in New Paltz for some reason, and there are three main problems with the apartments that are available: many are, like, 5 bedrooms; many one bedroom apartments are strictly single occupancy only (why? And good luck getting one person to pay $900/month for your dumb apartment, stupids!); other one bedroom apartments are really, really expensive. Sigh.
We are heading down next week for my orientation, and we have two apartments that we’re looking at. One is pretty much perfect (though a bit pricey), but I’m worried that someone else will snatch it up before we can get there. Being so far away makes it a pain! The other place is a tiny house, which would be nice, but it’s a bit far from campus, and we share one car so we would really like/need to be either walking distance or on the bus loop. Fingers crossed one of the two places will work out. I’m glued to Craigslist every day hoping for more listings!
In the meantime, I have been a sorting/cleaning/packing beast. I have somehow managed to pack almost everything in the apartment that we don’t need right now. I am doing my best to keep our bedroom, living room, and kitchen looking normal so that we don’t have to live in in a hectic sea of boxes, and I’ve succeeded so far. Despite them being a bit barren, you wouldn’t know we were heading out of town by looking at any of these rooms. Take a peek at our porch, though, and you will find box-land.
I am actually really sad that we have to leave. This apartment is awesome, the best we’ve ever had–and we’ve had a lot of apartments. It’s quiet, plenty big enough for us, private, has a huge yard, our landlords are amazing, and it’s super cute. I would stay here until we were ready to buy a house if I could. I think that I’ll feel better once we have a place in NP, although I’m sure it won’t be as good as this one.

I’m off to find some lunch and then continue packing whatever is left. Tonight is a joint birthday party for two of my friends, and I’m really excited! I want to start getting ready RIGHTNOW but I am trying to maintain some self control, as the party doesn’t start until 9pm. I have been chugging iced coffee all day, which may be the main reason for my impulsivity.

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