Really, I’m Alive!

I just got back from Iowa last Tuesday night, and I still can’t believe my trip is over. It flew by! I had a pretty jam packed schedule (even though I didn’t really do anything), which is what made it feel so speedy.While I was there, I spent as much time as possible with my family while sneaking in a few visits with my friends. I especially wanted to spend tons of time with my three nephews because every time I see them they are so different. They grow up too fast!

I took many walks while I was visiting, and I always seemed to find myself heading to the foot bridge. Many a summer day was spent riding my bike across this bridge and throughout the surrounding area, and can’t seem to keep away from there as an adult. It’s especially nice this time of year, with the trees full of leaves. This picture is not mine–you can find it on it’s original website by clicking on it–because when I went to take a picture on my last walk across the bridge, there was a wedding party being photographed on it! It’s a popular wedding photo spot–my sister had some taken there for her wedding, too!

I was sad to leave my family, but happy to head back to my apartment, and more importantly, DAN! It was difficult to be away from him for so long. I had two days between my arrival and heading back to work, and I was so exhausted that I didn’t really get much done either day except a tiny bit of packing for our move. I have now been back for nearly a week and I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase yet…whoops!

Now that I’m back and out of school, I am working more at the coffee shop. Yesterday and today we were swamped, and I am exhausted. I had to skip out on my family’s Memorial Day BBQ because I was just so tired. I am too old for such a crazy busy job! Hopefully after I get used to being on my feet running around all day it will get easier.

Life will be extremely crazy this summer. I’m scouting out apartments in New Paltz (we have one lead that looks really good, so keep your fingers crossed!) and packing on top of working, and then moving. Just after we get settled in to our new place, we’re heading to Austria for a couple of weeks to visit my brother. Blogging will likely be sporadic for me as all of these crazy things are going on, so bear with me!

I’m off to watch Melrose Place on Netflix (yeah, that’s right!) and then head to bed–I have another day of work ahead of me tomorrow.

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