I’m Alive!

Hello from Iowa! As I mentioned before, my parents have dial-up internet at their house which is where I’m staying, which explains my hiatus. Have you tried to use dial-up recently? It’s ridiculous. I tried to check my facebook the other night and it just wasn’t worth it at all. My beloved iPod touch has been rendered practically useless. Thankfully I can browse the internet on my phone if I get desperate, and my sister’s house is much more civilized with a wireless high speed connection an it’s only three blocks away!

I am babysitting my nephews at the  moment, and they finally went to sleep so I am free to write a blog! I have three nephews, aged 5, 7, and almost 10, and they are a riot. We had tons of fun tonight eating pizza and playing games (mostly slapjack).

I’ve been mostly spending time with family and friends since I got here. On Monday when I left New York I had only three tentative plans for the entire week, but by Monday night my week had filled up like crazy. I actually snuck in a run on Wednesday afternoon, and it was good and bad. The weather was excellent, albeit a bit windy. I ran to and around a nearby cemetery, which was just perfect for running. No traffic, gently rolling hills, and you could run around that place all day because there are so many roads. Unfortunately, I realized that I wasn’t properly hydrated because about 3 minutes after I headed out the door, I got insanely thirsty, so that definitely put a damper on my run. I’m also just out of running shape since I’ve been exclusively using my elliptical for the past several months. I had to take many walking breaks. It was nice to get out there, though, and it looks like we’ll be having rain for the rest of my trip so I’m glad I took the opportunity while I had it.

Today it was pouring all morning, but when I spotted the sun attempting to peek out, I shot out the door like a bullet. I only had about 30 minutes before my youngest nephew’s preschool graduation, so I went on a walk. I walked a route that I used to bike all the time when I was a kid–to the library, then to a footbridge, and home. It was really nice and the sun managed to come out at full force halfway through my walk. I’m hoping this happens again  tomorrow, as I actually have some time to relax and I’d like to take another walk.

Well, I think I’m going to settle in with a book until someone comes back to relieve me of my babysitting duties. I brought three books, thinking I’d have tons of time to read, but I’ve been running around like crazy and haven’t even cracked one open yet. Must rectify this!

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