Sleeping Beauty Mountain

Yesterday, Dan and I hiked Sleeping Beauty mountain. I have been looking forward to this hike since Spring started peeking out from underneath the snow. It was the first mountain I ever hiked back in the fall of 2009, and it was definitely a good one to start with. It’s an easy mountain to do, not too steep and not a terribly long hike. The first time I hiked it, I really struggled because everyone had told me how easy it was, and having never been on a mountain, my expectations became a bit skewed from hearing this. It’s definitely more difficult than, say, walking around town, but it’s easier compared to other mountains in the area.

Dan had a phone interview at 1pm, so we didn’t start our hike until 2:45. It was really nice weather for hiking–around 70˚ and cloudy, so we weren’t getting murdered by the sun. We were the only ones going up the mountain since it was so late in the day, although we passed people on their way down. I actually bought some hiking boots, which made the hike so much easier–every time I’ve hiked, I’ve rolled my ankle because running shoes are really not sturdy enough for the uneven terrain. Thankfully it was never a serious injury!
We made it to the top in an hour and 25 minutes, and we were the only ones up there. Though it was cloudy, we had a decent view of Lake George and surrounding area.

At the top, Dan and I snacked on some carrot bran muffins (recipe coming after my trip) and drank water while admiring the view.
After resting a bit, we headed back down. Going down was also much easier with my hiking boots–I am so glad I got them! We were flying down and got to the trailhead in no time. It was such a change from the last time we hiked the mountain. I think it was a combination of having appropriate shoes, realisitic expectations, and being in better shape.
The catch of Sleeping Beauty is that you have to walk a 1.5 mile trail from the parking area to the trailhead, which isn’t so bad when you start out, but is kind of demoralizing when you get to the bottom and you’re ready to be done. Thankfully, the trail is relatively flat, but it feels like it goes on forever!

Including our 20 or 30 minute rest at the top, we finished the 7 mile hike in exactly three hours. I love hiking because you get such a sense of accomplishment, both at the summit and when you see your car. I can’t wait to hike more all summer and fall!!

When we got home, we treated ourselves to some delicious noodles with peanut sauce, which I altered a bit by adding red pepper, onion, and carrot to the recipe. I got mushrooms to throw in there, but I forgot about them. We have some peanut sauce leftover, so I may have to make this for dinner again tomorrow night. Can’t let the mushrooms go to waste! I also baked some chewy chocolate chip cookies, which were indeed chewy and amazingly delicious, and have been calling my name since breakfast this morning.

I’m off to scavenge for dinner. Tomorrow will be crazy–I’m working until 3 and then I have to pack for my trip. My flight leaves at 6:30am on Monday, so it may have been a mistake to leave packing for the night before. Whoops!

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  1. Yay yay yay! Great job on the hike (and the cookies)!!!

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