Dear Blog,

I am sorry I’ve neglected you. And I’m sorry to report that more neglect may be coming your way.

First of all, I just need to shout from the rooftops: I AM FINISHED WITH MY SEMESTER!! Aside from compulsively checking my final grades until they’re eventually posted, of course. So far I know two of them (both A’s, not that I’m bragging or anything ;)), but the other two classes are kind of wildcards. They definitely won’t be A’s, so I have my fingers crossed for B’s.

Though my finals were pretty easy this semester, my week has been pretty crazy! Monday and Tuesday were spent packing and studying for one final. I realized, though, that aside from about 2.5 hours, my week was basically unscheduled. I would feel kind of guilty just staying at home all week long, so I decided to see if they needed any help this week at work. Because they always need help at work, I worked yesterday (which was kind of a mistake, because I worked at 6am and was exhausted when I went to my final at 6:30pm!) and was consequently roped into working today.

An actual postcard, as unbelievable as it may seem!

On Monday I’m leaving for Iowa, which as you may or may not know is where I spent the first 19 years of my life. I am really looking forward to spending time with my family and friends there! Dan is staying behind because plane tickets are so expensive now that it we couldn’t justify having him come along. Also, it’s easier to spend time with my sister and girlfriends without a BOY hanging around. My parents still have dialup internet (fulfilling the stereotypical image you might have of what it’s like to live in Iowa. Make no mistake-this is because of their age, not their locale), so blogging will probably not be happening while I’m there.

Exercise has taken a backseat this week. On Tuesday I had to cut my elliptical-ing short because of a killer headache, and that’s all I’ve done this week besides working, which certainly uses a lot of energy. To make up for this non-exercise week, Dan and I are heading up to Sleeping Beauty mountain for a hike tomorrow. Also, when I’m in Iowa I plan to run a lot. There’s a really big, nice cemetery near my parents’ house that is pretty flat and nice to run in. I spent a ton of time riding my bike around the cemetery when I was a kid (is that weird?).

I’m off to make dinner!

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2 Responses to Dear Blog,

  1. She works retail says:

    Just found your blog and wanted to say hi – love the postcard! Although, to be honest – I would have guessed ‘midwest vacationland’ would have been Wisconsin. But then what do I know…I’m not from around there 🙂

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