Home Stretch

My semester is finally coming to a close. Excruciatingly slowly, but I can see it! I just finished the last of my homework for this semester today–my final chapter in Anthropology, a short story in Spanish with a bunch of questions to answer, and an essay for Music class. I have my last Spanish and Anthropology classes tomorrow, and then next week I have only two finals to attend. One is just a quick one on one with my Lit professor (who claims that we “have to” meet during finals time. Tell that to my way cooler professors who don’t make us do that!) and the last test for my Anthro class, which I’m totally prepared for and won’t even need to study for. Then it’s a short breather before heading to Iowa to visit my family and friends. I can’t wait! I also can’t believe that I read all of these books over the past few months:

Plus two more surprise additions in my Children’s Lit class. I am so excited to be finished with all of my required reading so I can finally get back to my own books!

I was so busy doing work today–it’s 8:45 and I just finished–that I was really glad it was an exercise rest day. Also, last night my hip started hurting, which I assume is from the elliptical. I have been on that thing a lot lately. When I woke up this morning, it was still bothering me, so I would have needed to rest it anyway. It feels much better now, so I will be able to do my regular hour on the elliptical that I look forward to each week tomorrow. Also, tomorrow will be week 2 day 2 of my pushup challenge. For some reason, yesterday was tough! I was feeling pretty confident, but my arms felt really tired and I could only do 11 pushups during the last set. I suspect that my arms were tired from work on Sunday–I spent all day assembling sandwiches, which is surprisingly quite a workout. We were so busy due to the gorgeous weather that I thought I might drop dead halfway through the day. Somehow, I lived, but my pushups suffered! I’m eager to see how tomorrow goes now that my arms are rested.

I am feeling really antsy to go on a hike. We thought about going on Saturday (it was beautiful!) but we realized it would be a mess up there because of all the rain we’d been getting. We’ll have to give those mountains a couple of weeks to dry out. Soon enough, this will be me:

I plan to actually buy some hiking boots this year instead of wearing my running shoes–no more rolling my ankle every. single. time we go on a hike! Our plan is to head to Sleeping Beauty asap to ease ourselves back into hiking. It was the first mountain I ever hiked (the picture is on the summit of SB), and it’s pretty easy as far as mountain hiking goes. Then when we get to New Paltz, we’ll have the Catskills and Gunks to conquer.

Well, I guess I’d better end this little mountain hike fantasy I’ve gotten myself into and pick out a stack of books for my bedside short list pile.

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