This week has–thankfully–taken a 180˚ turn from last week. My mood has made me super motivated to exercise. Or maybe my exercise has put me in a super good mood. I’m not sure, but I’ve been on top of it all week. I’ve been on the elliptical every day except Wednesday, when I was stuck on campus all day. Yesterday I was planning on doing an hour, and then I noticed that Biggest Loser was only 42 minutes long instead of the regular hour and 22 minutes. WHAT THE WHAT? I realize this is ridiculous, but it is so hard for me to keep going if the show I’m watching ends and I have to find another one. Even if I can just click “watch next episode” on Netflix, I don’t want to. Yesterday was fine, though, after BL ended I just found another show to watch and rocked out the hour without too much mental anguish. Today I rocked out 30 minutes, even though my legs felt pretty tired from yesterday.

Today was the third day of my pushup challenge, and one of the sets I was supposed to do was 10 pushups. I was really dreading this, because I just wasn’t sure if I could physically do it. On Wednesday, eight almost killed me. Imagine my shock when I COULD do it! It was so exciting. But that’s not all! The last set is always “as many as you can, at least ___” and today it was at least 10. I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could do 11?” Not only did I do 11, I did 15! FIFTEEN! I’ve never done 15 standard pushups before. 15 modified pushups would have been a challenge. On Monday, the most I could do was six, and that was really pushing it. Maybe I will be able to do 100 pushups someday!

Tonight Dan and I are going to go out to dinner and then see a play. My craving for hamburgers is back, so I think I’m going to indulge that craving. Hopefully alongside a gin & tonic. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, so I think a picnic may be in order!

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