Wow, I’m seriously a wuss! I did day two of my One Hundred Pushups challenge, and it almost killed me. Here’s the full disclosure: you do a test to see how many pushups you can do to figure out what category to start in. I’ve never really tried to do regular pushups, always sticking to modified ones (from my knees), so it was no surprise that I could only do six regular pushups. That put me in category two (I’m not as weak as I could be!!). During today’s sets, I was forced to do eight, and I almost died.

Surprisingly, it’s not my arms that are sore, it’s my abs! I guess you have to use your core much more in regular pushups than in modified ones, and I’m feeling it. On Friday, I have to do one set of 10 pushups. We’ll see how that goes!

Since I’m about to head up to campus to spend the day doing work before my afternoon class, I can’t do my usual hour on the elliptical that I love so much. Anticipating this, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical last night. I’m glad that taking a week off didn’t make it impossible to be motivated to start exercising again. In fact, after my ride on crazy train last week, I’m even more motivated to keep exercising for the mental health benefits if nothing else. I will have to remember this when I’m working full time starting in a month–it can be really hard for me to gather the energy to exercise after an exhausting day at the coffee shop, but it will be worth it to keep me sane!

Speaking of my elliptical, I’ve had it for a few months now, and I thought I’d give a little update since a lot of people find my blog through google searching the elliptical (by the way, one of my favorite things to look at is the incoming search terms for my blog. Sometimes they’re really funny!)
Anyway, I have a Gold’s Gym Stridetrainer 380, which I’ve had for about 2.5 months. I’ve used it regularly (between 3 and 5 times a week) since purchasing it, and it’s still working perfectly. I should probably tighten the screws up soon, but I haven’t had a problem yet. Also, the display is powered by D batteries, and so far I haven’t had to replace them even though I’ve spent literally hours on that thing. Buying it felt like a risk because it was so inexpensive (but at around $300, not something I wanted to suck), but I’m so glad I did. I have had no problems at all with it. Occasionally it makes a clunking noise as the pedals go around, but it never lasts for long and it’s not annoying. It’s easy to stash against the wall of my living room and move out when I want to use it, even though it’s heavy. The biggest concern I have is how the hell we’re going to move it out of our second floor apartment when the time comes! Dan wants to take it apart but that seems like such a pain to me.
So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive elliptical, I would recommend this one. I’m not being endorsed by the company or anything, I just wanted to put that out there because I had such a hard time deciding whether or not to buy it!

I’m off to gather my things and head to school. I’m hoping that since I’m doing a few hours of work today (I normally don’t do work before class on Wednesday), I might just be able to take Friday off! That would be so amazing.

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