Crazy Train

I hopped off the health train and onto the crazy train yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were both really good, I ate clean both days. Although I didn’t exercise (I was feeling hormonally depressed all week!), I was still feeling good. Wednesday was pretty good, my meals and snack were clean, but I may or may not have reheated two pieces of the Chicken Broccoli Braid throughout the day because I wanted to eat something naughty. Well, I wanted to eat a hamburger and fries. Which is not something I usually like to eat (I just don’t like burgers that much). I’m telling you, hormones can turn me into a crazy person. I also didn’t exercise on Wednesday, deciding to cut myself some slack and give myself the week off because I really didn’t feel like doing it. Although I know I would feel better if I exercised, I feel okay with this decision because I’ll just pick it back up on Monday.
I walked around the house on Wednesday whining, “I don’t want to exercise today, and I want to eat a hamburger and fries and then a chocolate shake even though I’m lactose intolerant!” Dan’s response? “Jesus Christ.” Then he said, “Maybe later this week we can get turkey burgers and sweet potato fries!” I yelled out “NOOOOOOOO!”

So, anyway, those three days were totally respectable, as I did not give into my craving and speed to the nearest 5 Guys. And now, thankfully, I’m over it. Yesterday was kind of a mess, though.
Dan and I had to bring our car to the shop because the check engine light is on and our inspection is coming up, so we have to find out if it’s going to require a costly repair. We decided to go on a breakfast date while we waited, so my plan was to eat a naughty breakfast and a healthy lunch and dinner (following my 2/3 clean plan) because I had the totally optimistic naïve hope of being home in time for lunch.
We went to Country Corner Cafe out of desperation. I absolutely HATE CCC. I have gotten atrocious service there every single time we’ve gone except for once. I was desperate for some french toast, though, so we tried it out. We actually had excellent service yesterday, so maybe I’ll rethink my hatred. The car was, of course, not finished in time for lunch, and since we live outside of town, we were stranded and at the mercy of our mechanic. We went to The Bread Basket for lunch, where I had a chicken salad sandwich. Delicious, but I could have definitely made a better choice. I blame my mounting anxiety about NEVER GETTING TO GO HOME.

The rest of the day was spent sitting in the library, where I was flying through The Book Thief, for which I have to write a paper by Monday. I’m smart and waited until this week to start reading it, even though it has 550 pages long. It wasn’t really my fault, as I have a book a week to read in that class, plus the reading for my other classes, but it was stressful. The book was so incredible, though, that I couldn’t bring myself to read an online summary. I decided that I’d rather finish the book than spend a lot of time writhing a good paper.
I read and read, and finally we got to go home at 4 (without any answers about our car yet, they’re looking at it again today. They reset some something and hopefully today some codes won’t come up [I have no idea what any of this means] so we will pass inspection. If not, we have to replace our catalytic converter, which is friggin’ expensive. Blarg!). I forgot to soak my black beans, so my planned dinner was off the table, and I ended up making eggs because it was easy. I even put some vegetables on the side in an attempt to undo my naughty breakfast and lunch!
After dinner and then a coffee date with my friend, I headed back home to finish the book. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some study snacks: strawberries, pretzels, and wasabi peas. At 1am, after 9.5 total hours of reading, I finally finished the book. I then proceeded to sob endlessly because the ending was SO. SAD.
Since Dan is on Spring Break this week, we decided to have a real “weekend” together today and tomorrow, so I will be banging out my paper Sunday night after work. I don’t even care what grade I get on the paper, I just loved the book so much that it was important for me to finish it! Now I just have to wait for Dan to come home from the mechanic again with news that we either a) passed our inspection or b) have to decided between trying to buy a new car or making a $1,000 repair. I CHOOSE A.


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