Moving Forward With My ECP

I wasn’t sure going into meal planning for this week whether or not I would continue with my strict eat clean plan (which I will call ECP from now on out of laziness). I decided to commit to eating at least two of my three meals each day this way, and then going from there. I was pleased to find that more than 2/3 of my meals fit into the guidelines of my ECP. It was actually easier to come up with meal ideas this week. I am making several exceptions, such as on Tuesday when I’m downtown doing homework; I’m just going to grab a sandwich for lunch rather than worrying about packing something that can travel. All in all, only five of the 21 meals and 14 snacks I have planned for the week contain foods that I have been avoiding.

Now that my week is over, I thought that I would address the questions I had going into the challenge:
What will my grocery bill look like? While my total was about $20 higher than normal on Sunday when we went to the store, eating this way is definitely cheaper. Normally we have to go pick things up that I forgot to add to the list throughout the week, and we definitely spend more than $20 more total. That wasn’t necessary this week because my list was thorough. Also, this week my list has only about 10 things on it because I can keep using many things I got last week (a 5lb bag of carrots, dried beans, oatmeal, etc.).
Will my headaches go away? Heck yes they did! I get headaches almost every day (always have), especially on days that I have class, presumably from the florescent lights. On Wednesday I didn’t have a headache at all after finishing my classes!
Will my digestion issues go away? This is another yes. On Tuesday, after one day of eating well, I felt really good. No tummy aches! And over the course of the week, I lost the 5lbs of water weight that had been clinging to me since my weekend soda adventure three weeks ago (plus one bonus pound!).
Will my energy levels go up and tiredness decrease? Nah. I didn’t really feel any less tired than usual. I’m going to have my blood tested once I have insurance this fall to make sure I don’t have anemia or something. I will say that I slept better than usual. It’s normal for me to wake up several times throughout the night, and that didn’t happen at all this week.
Will I feel better overall? Yes, much better. Which is why I’m eager to jump back on the horse this week! I can tell a definite difference in how I feel after the weekend, even though I balanced the bad with healthy meals and wouldn’t have given all of my snacks a second thought before I started my challenge. Make no mistake, I have no regrets (BACON WRAPPED DATES!), I’m just eager to restore homeostasis in my body. Plus, since it was easy to come up with meal ideas that fit into my ECP, I see no reason to stop. I’m going to take it one week at a time, eventually adding things back into my diet when I feel that it’s necessary.

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