Birthday Weekend!

Today is my birthday, and I managed to stretch the celebrating over the entire weekend! We started with dinner at Pancho’s on Friday night, last night I had a little party, and today I had an awesome relaxing day–a little shopping, a little lunch, and a movie.

I decided to go crazy this year and make all kinds of food for my birthday party:

In this corner we have (clockwise from top left): not-from-scratch chocolate chip caramel cookies, veggie tray, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped dates, and in the center is a chicken & broccoli braid. I absolutely adore the chicken & broccoli braid, but it’s so naughty that I can never make it just for Dan and I. The party was the perfect occasion to share the wealth! People didn’t eat as much as I thought they would, though, so we have a bunch of leftovers of both the braid and stuffed mushrooms. I threw it all in the freezer, hopefully I’ll be able to bring them back to life in a few weeks!

In this corner we have some bread, fruit, crackers and cheeses. There are also tons of leftovers of these, but Dan is a cheeseaholic, so I’m not worried.

The cake was AMAZING:

It was white cake with strawberries and cream cheese frosting as the filling and milk chocolate frosting. My friend Steve made it for me for a very reasonable price, and it was so much better than any cake I would have gotten anywhere else. If you live in the area and need a baked good, shoot me an email (guessimarunner [at] gmail [dot] com) and I will connect you with Steve. You will not regret it!

I definitely indulged last night, consuming every food I banished during my challenge, but I noticed that I was much more aware of my hunger. When faced with oodles of delicious foods, sometimes I have a hard time knowing when to stop eating (especially in a buffet type situation!), but just like when I went out for dinner, last night it wasn’t hard. I wanted more because it was tasty, but I felt full and so I didn’t want more, if that makes sense. I also could only eat half my slice of cake even though I really wanted to finish it, because I was full. I also had alcohol in–gasp!–moderation. Generally when I start drinking in a social situation, it begins to seem real fun and I go overboard. Last night, despite the fact that I was having my fave drink, gin & tonic, I only had two of them early in the night, and then two glasses of champagne later in the night.

Today the birthday celebration continued. Dan and I woke up early despite our late bedtime (thank god I only had a few drinks!), had breakfast (ezekiel toast with peanut butter and yogurt with raspberries for me–I wanted to get back to healthy eating asap!), and then headed out to do the aforementioned shopping. I had a Target giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, and I needed to pick up some clothes for summer, so off I went. Dan patiently came along with me (I gave him permission break our no buying books until after we move rule as a thank you). We had lunch at Panera, where my soup and salad plan turned into a bagel and soup plan (they have a new onion & poppy bagel! It was so good! Plus, I hadn’t had refined carbs in a week, so it was extra tasty). We then went to see “Win Win” which was really good. When we got home, I chopped up a bunch of root vegetables and roasted them to have with eggs for an easy dinner. I may or may not have snacked on some apples, crackers, and brie while preparing the vegetables :).

As my final act of defiance to all that is eating clean, I am going to have another piece of cake tonight. It is just too tasty to pass up. I made my meal plan for next week, though, and I am mostly back on my Eat Clean plan. Stay tuned for more on that! For now I am going to spend the rest of my birthday relaxing 🙂

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