Eat Clean Challenge: Day 5

Yesterday was joyous because I got to deviate from my challenge at dinner time in order to celebrate my birthday! My actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but we couldn’t go out to dinner tomorrow night so we decided to do it last night. In order not to completely throw my challenge out the window, I ate well until dinner:

Breakfast was steel cut oats with peanut butter, honey, and almond milk and a banana

And lunch was awesome–“steak” and potatoes! I grilled a portobello mushroom sprinkled with garlic powder while I roasted baby potatoes (tossed in olive oil and seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder, baked at 400˚ for 30 minutes) and steamed some broccoli. It was so good! The only problem was a lack of protein, so I felt hungry sooner than I normally do after lunch. I grabbed a Naked juice while we were out running tons of errands to stop my tummy from rumbling.

Then came the moment I’d been waiting for all day: PANCHO’S!! Pancho’s is a great Mexican restaurant in the area, and there are several locations. We always go to the one in Clifton Park. I couldn’t resist some tortilla chips and salsa, and I ordered chicken enchiladas and a glass of sangria. Mmmm sangria. I really enjoyed the meal, but did not feel compelled to overeat, something I struggle with at times when I’m eating something so delicious! I ate one enchilada, my beans, and a little bit of rice. Dan will take care of my leftovers at lunchtime today. I also didn’t feel compelled to eat desert even though Dan was peer pressuring me into it. Abstaining from sugar almost entirely has really cut down on my sugar cravings.

My plan for today is to eat a clean breakfast, lunch, and light dinner before indulging in all of the treats I’m whipping up for my birthday party tonight! On the menu: bacon wrapped dates, stuffed mushrooms, cheddar broccoli braid, and more! I’d better get my butt in the kitchen!

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