Eat Clean Challenge: Day 4

Yesterday was a challenge indeed. I planned to head downtown for the day to get mucho work done, and normally I’ll just grab a sandwich for lunch. This was obviously not an option, so I had to plan something portable.

To make my life more difficult, Dan’s alarm didn’t go off this morning, so we got up late. Then we were out of peanut butter, so a quick breakfast was difficult. I’m happy to report that I pulled it off, though! Unfortunately, I have no pictures from my meals because the day was so weird.

At home, I had a quick bowl of steel cut oats with almond milk, and when I got downtown I had some yogurt with raspberries for breakfast. I brought some almonds and raisins to snack on, which I had with some peppermint tea when I got hungry around 9:30.

For lunch I made a hummus sandwich on ezekiel bread with spinach, tomato, portobello mushroom, and green pepper. I brought some grapes to have on the side.

My study session was cut short by a family emergency, and we didn’t make it home until 5:30. I was totally exhausted, but that’s just too late for me to take a nap; I would never fall asleep. Rather than the delicious dinner I had planned, I whipped up some eggs, ezekiel toast, and beets. It did the job.

As I mentioned before, my birthday on Sunday. I resolved myself to turning 26 (everything after 21 has been pretty traumatizing for me) about a month ago, at which point I just began thinking of myself as 26; so much so that when I went to the doctor and she wrote down my age as 25, I thought she had made a mistake! It’s a good coping mechanism.
I have decided to go out to dinner tonight with Dan, which will obviously not entail eating clean. My plan is to eat a clean breakfast, lunch, and snack today, enjoy my birthday dinner, eat clean tomorrow until my party, and then commit to eating clean for lunch and dinner on Sunday (not sure what will happen for breakfast on Sunday, depends on how many casualties remain at my apartment on Saturday night!). I’m not sure if I’ll continue on to this degree after that; although I really do feel good, the diet is much too restrictive for me. When I make my grocery list today, I will decide which foods I will add back in, and to what extent I want to eat clean from here on out. I’m considering making 2/3 of my meals “clean” to the degree I’ve been doing this week, and making the third meal include some of the things I cut out. We’ll see!

In regard to the effect this has had on my body after only a short amount of time, it’s pretty incredible. I feel better overall, my headaches have seriously decreased, and my weight, which had been up about 5lbs for the past couple of weeks (which I wasn’t terribly worried about; I knew I hadn’t eaten enough extra calories to gain weight, it was just water weight) has disappeared, along with another pound. This is with having to carefully plan my meals to make sure I get enough calories–and I have been. Natural peanut butter has been my friend!

Well, I’m off to write a paper for my Children’s Lit class! I’m hoping to have time to hop on the elliptical today to offset the number of calories that will be in my dinner. I think we’ll go to Pancho’s, which is my favorite restaurant of all time!

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