Eat Clean Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday was a day of deviating from my meal plan, but everything turned out okay!

Because my two bunches of bananas are not ripe yet, I had to switch my breakfast up. I had yogurt with raspberries, a piece of ezekiel toast with teddie’s unsalted peanut butter (ingredient: roasted peanuts. Love that!) and some cinnamon, and a big glass of ice water with lemon and lime squeezed in.

I had the most delicious lunch! I chopped up a roma tomato and some green pepper and threw it in a pan with a bit of olive oil in it. I cooked these for just a minute, then threw in some spinach and let that cook until it wilted. I then poured two eggs which I seasoned with pepper into the pan and scrambled it up until the eggs were cooked. I chopped up 1/4 of an avocado and threw that on top. It was so delicious! I had a piece of ezekiel toast with hummus on the side. The meal was incredibly filling and tasty!

I had some popcorn popped in a bit of olive oil for a snack. One of my favorite ways to eat popcorn! I hate microwave popcorn, it tastes so weird to me. I prefer to cook it on the stove with about 2 tsp of oil to 1/4 cup of kernels (heat the oil in a large pot on high heat with a lid on it, putting one kernel in there until it pops, then add the rest of your popcorn. Shake the pan around to prevent burning until the popping stops), because the oil gives it a bit of a flavor. You can also put the kernels in a paper bag and pop it in the microwave.

For dinner, I also had to deviate from the plan because I  overestimated the amount of servings that would come out of the soup (or perhaps I underestimated how much Dan would like it!). I had my leftover burrito bowl with my leftover sweet potato on the side.
Finally, I had some almonds and grapes in my Anthropology class to keep me awake through the night.

I felt much less tempted to eat naughty foods today, I didn’t really have any cravings. The popcorn is a nice substitute for carby treats.

Rather than doing my regular 60 minutes on the elliptical today, I decided to only do 30 because I’m finding it difficult to get enough calories while eating clean. I track my calories most day on MyFitnessPal to make sure I’m not eating too much, and have come in under my calorie goal the past two days. I don’t want to eat too few calories because it slows down your metabolism, so I decided to shorten my time on the elliptical. I was happy to play hooky from the last 30 minutes of my workout because I had a lot of homework to do!

Right after I hopped off the elliptical, I heard someone coming up the stairs to our door. I was wearing a pretty silly outfit–grey shorts  and a grey hoodie (okay, that doesn’t sound silly, but trust me, it was)–not to mention I was all sweaty, so I wasn’t very happy to run to the door, and was even less happy when there was a cop there. That’s never good. It turns out that someone tried to break into this gift shop that’s about 15 feet away from our door, and the cop wanted to warn me to be careful and to ask if I’d seen or heard anything. Unfortunately, I hadn’t. I also realized I’ve probably been watching too much trashy TV when I worried that the cop would suspect that I had something to do with it based on my squirrelly behavior (which was just because I was uncomfortable to be seen in my silly exercise outfit). Anyway, it looks like we’ll be setting up our Home Alone burglar alarm system–the recycling bin in front of our door!

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